Virgin faults

  Newuser2 16:50 06 Mar 2010

I've just spent over an hour trying to get some sense from virgin re not have a dial tone on my phone.
I gave up as the two people I spoke to had limited knowledge of English and then they said they were transferring me to the faults dept.
I'm still waiting to get connected.
Me thinks its time to go to Talk Talk.

  spuds 16:58 06 Mar 2010

I shouldn't, you might find the same problems there. I did. ;o))

  Newuser2 17:02 06 Mar 2010

My mum has TT and so far so good no probs at all and their call centers are in the UK staffed by people who speak English

  birdface 21:08 06 Mar 2010

Just pick what area you live in and see the server status.

click here

I have been on the phone for about 20 minutes or so on various occasions just to find out it was a service fault and they had not told the call center staff about it.

  onionskin 21:27 06 Mar 2010

If the status page doesn't show a fault in your area, the best way to report a fault is through the virginmedia newsgroup -

Just post your problem, they come straight back with a list of 4hr time slots for you to choose from for a visit from the engineer.

The trouble with Virgin though, is that you have to agree to be home when the engineer calls, the trouble is, 99.9% of the time they fix the problem in the junction box down the road, and they don't actually call! If you make an appointment and you aren't in and they do call, you have agreed to pay £10.

  birdface 08:51 07 Mar 2010

I would have thought a phone call would have been the quickest way to contact them.
But if you want to do it onionskins way you have to sign up for a newsgroup it seems.
This way for Outlook Express but the same with any e-mail provider that you use.

click here

I must admit I never new that you could do it that way.
Mind you I have had my phone for 10 years or more and only ever had one problem with it.

  onionskin 23:35 07 Mar 2010

Calls to Virgin are only free if you use your own phone to call them to report that your phone isn't working.

(That isn't strictly true, you could call free from a neighbour's Virgin phone, or use your mobile if you're with Virgin - but 20 mins from a call box to a 0845 number...)

I don't know why the newsgroups are bit of a secret. There is a Virgin Web forum click here but you can only use it to have a moan, not to book an engineer to fix your phone.

  onionskin 23:42 07 Mar 2010

My mistake, I've just been having a read of the above forum, it isn't free to phone from your mobile, it's an 0845 number too.

  birdface 10:57 08 Mar 2010

I find their telephone charges way over the top.
I think they charge 6p a minute but they charge you a 9p connection charge so that works out about 15p for the first minute.
You can phone Australia cheaper than that.
I would jump to o2 but I have not got a signal on my BT line so would have to get that connected.
And they are putting their charges up next month.

  Newuser2 13:19 08 Mar 2010

The problem what ever it was was fixed by about 5.30PM on Sat
Today Mon
I've just spoken to a very nice lady in Virgins disconnection dept.
She looked at the notes on the my account and it was blatantly obvious that the people I spoke to on Sat did not listen or did not understand the problem re the fault, she apologized and confirmed what I had suspected that most of Virgins support is off shore.

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