Virgin broadband connection

  User-1227398 16:37 01 Oct 2009

I have a friend whose computer works fine at her home with virgin broadband connecting to her netgear modem router.

However when ever she brings her computer to our social centre it will not connect. it recognises our router with five green bars, accepts our password but then says it failed to connect. Since we have no problems with other computers I am puzzled

any advice

  Ford Prefect 01 19:29 01 Oct 2009

change the properties on her laptop to AES encryiption if it is already AES try changing to to TKIP.

  Confab 13:52 02 Oct 2009

On my router there is a setting wich says something like.

Allow new users
Allow new users with registration
Do not allow new user

I have mine set to Allow new users with registration which means that I have to tell my router that someone new wants to connect. Perhaps yours has something similar?

  User-1227398 15:45 02 Oct 2009

Thanks confab but in this case we must have some 20 or more computers conecting every week without a problem so the router,provided it has the password,seems happy to accept everybody EXCEPT this lady whose computer was set up using tyhe virgin installation disc.

I havent tried the encryption idea yet as she will not be in until next week

  Input Overload 19:09 02 Oct 2009

Virgin is unusual in using TKIP encryption instead of AES, it a two second job to change this. If it is on TKIP it wont connect in a month of Sundays whatever you do. Try what Ford Prefect 01 says.

  sticks1 22:56 08 Oct 2009

hi guys i have read this post and i am having the same problem with my daughters pc,i have one problem i am not very computer minded so i want to try and change the properties that fordperfect 01 said but how do i do this,any help would be much appreciated.Thanks sticks

  User-1227398 16:33 15 Oct 2009

Thanks everybody changing her computer to AES encryption whilst making a new network connection manually solved the problem. If 'input overload' can do that in 2 seconds congratulations - but it does indeed solve the problem!

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