Virgin Broadband after 4pm

  The Brigadier 11:53 30 Oct 2008

Since Virgins 'free' upgrade from an average of just under 2MB to an average now of 3 to 3.9MB we now loose our internet connection everyday from 4pm.
So we seem to be paying £17.99 for a limited service.

Virgins help pages are not that helpful & the wait on an 0870 number takes ages.
I wonder if Virgin would prefer us to go to another ISP provider!

  tillybaby 12:06 30 Oct 2008

In the new year my latest contract with BT runs out and I am so tempted to go with Virgin because of this fibre optic they keep banging on about. The more bad reviews I read though I'm now wondering if I should stick with B.T. for the time being and see if Virgin manage to get their act together. One of the things that irritate the life out of me is hanging on a phone while waiting for someone to answer it.

  birdface 12:11 30 Oct 2008

If you have the Phone Package as well just dial 150 its free.

  birdface 12:24 30 Oct 2008

Free upgrade from 2mb to 4mb did not know there was one.If you got 4Mb you should now be getting 10Mb.

  robgf 12:37 30 Oct 2008

Virgin are good, as long as everything is working well. But if you get a problem, it's very hard to get resolved, the call center staff (keep calling until you get one in the UK) don't seem to have the authority to alter any service settings.

When I first joined NTL with dialup PAYG(same company new name), the first phone bill was enormous and they cut off my service (despite taking the money). After many phone calls I found they were charging at the wrong rate. But it then took two months and many more phone calls to get a refund and my phone turned back on.
When I swapped to broadband they locked my web space, so I no longer had permission to change it and despite numerous phone calls and emails, it remains locked.

One of my neighbours swapped to BB and could no longer use emails, the Virgin help team recommended he use Google mail!

My barber and half a dozen neighbours lost their Virgin phone and BB connection at the start of this year and still haven't had it restored (Virgin are still trying to take monthly DD for the service though).

So Virgin can be ok, but only if things are going well.

  pj123 12:47 30 Oct 2008

I have Virgin BB (ex NTL) and I don't have any problem with it at any time of the day.

I also have never had any problem contacting them on the phone. Just dial 150 (free) and there they are!

I am on Package L which used to be 4mb but is now upgraded to 10mb.

  gardener 13:34 30 Oct 2008

Our Virgin Broadband slowed to a crawl at around 4PM a few months ago. I emailed them about it and they told me we had been capped because of overusage of bandwidth (3 computers using a router soon reaches the limit). I wouldn't have minded if they had warned us about it before throttling us back but no, they just went ahead and did it.

  The Brigadier 14:04 30 Oct 2008

We only have Virgin BB.
Phone is through another company.
Seems that Virgin will take at least 5 working days before passing it on to a network engineer & after this we may then have to wait longer before the problem is sorted.

Virgin obviously care so much about their customers, will they care much if i leave?

  wids001 14:58 30 Oct 2008

I have never ever had a problem with Virgin. I'm on their 3 for £30 package that includes 2meg BB. Through the router I have my computer, 2 x-boxes (wired) plus a laptop and another computer (wireless). It isn't uncommon that at 4pm when my children arrive home from school that all of the above are in use, yet I continue to get speeds of around 250kb/sec!

  tillybaby 15:12 30 Oct 2008

Many thanks for the information, customer service means a lot to me so for the time being at least I think I will remain with B.T.

  lil27 21:26 30 Oct 2008

I was just reading the thread and the free upgrade from 2mB to 4mB caught my eye. I am on virgin 2mb service and also have phone, tv and mobile with them. I have just rang them 5 mins ago using 150, and asked about the free upgrade. They told me there is no such thing. What they said was that for an extra £7 pound a month I can upgrade but it will be to 10mB as all 4mB services have been upgraded to 10mb.

By the way, I have been with virgin and ntl prior for years and have never had any problems. My internet is fine all the time. Hope i have not tempted fate.

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