Virgin 50 Meg Seemed Throttled

  Paul-1379466 20:08 18 Mar 2010

I had Virgin Media 50 Meg Bit fiber service installed a few months ago, at that time I had a different desktop PC I had built myself. I had a problem that after re-booting the PC & 'Modem' I could get 50 Meg Bit or around 6 meg a second, however after a minute or so this would slow to around 25 and stay there until the next re-boot. I had several engineers out who replaced the cable in the cabinet & the equipment at the local node to no avail.

The more we looked into the issue, the more it looked like for some reason I was being throttled by Virgin which is not done at all with the 50 meg service.

The PC had a built in network chip so I tried two different chip-set network cards with the same result. I upgraded the CAT5 cables to CAT6. The Virgin team were very helpful & we pinged just about everyone in the known universe with zero packet loss, no jitter, and a fast response, a perfect line result.

Several of the engineers said they had encountered this identical issue but were baffled by it as I have a better line than Richard Branson.

The issue looked like I was being throttled by their network more & more. A few months ago bought a new DELL desktop with exactly the same results which put the Virgin team more onto the fact it was a network issue.

After replacing the' Modem' last week to no avail I had a think & disabled all start up AV, Anti-Spyware etc & re-introduced them one at a time after a re-boot. With none on the result was a constant 52Meg Bit & I downloaded large 3 GIG files from Blue Yonder at 5-6 meg a second.

As I replaced the various start up programs one at a time things were fine until I introduced Malwarebytes full edition which now has IP blocking. Straight away the speed fell over minutes to around 20-25.

I removed all but Malwarebytes and still got 20-25. Un-ticking the IP blocking solved the issue until the next re-boot when IP blocking was re-introduced by the Malwarebytes program. I have since removed all traces of Malwarebytes & get 50+ Meg Bit day and night now for some weeks.

I intend to post this on the 'Malwarebytes' forum as I have tried my PC at two other neighbors houses on 50 Meg Bit with identical results. And it may solve a mystery for others.

Throughout the Virgin team gave a fantastic service.

  Paul-1379466 21:13 18 Mar 2010

Looking on the Malwarebytes site it seems I am not alone, & Malwarebytes don't consider it an issue of great importance.

  wiz-king 07:16 19 Mar 2010

Well done for finding the problem. I has a similar problem on their 10Meg service and eventually found it was the Norton security suite that was the problem, changing to NOD32 solved that one. I once had a modem go down and Virgin supplied a new one and reset the line attenuation, I have been on cable since it came out and am very satisfied with the service.

  PP321 07:50 19 Mar 2010

Thanks for the report purple, i too have the 50mb service, i use it primarily for torrents and it can vary between 1.25mb-5.9mb , it can be pull your hair out time trying to find the issue!

  Paul-1379466 23:21 19 Mar 2010

If anyone one is using the full edition of Malwarebytes try disabling IP protection & then do a speed test. It seems that users with speeds over around 15 Me Bits are mainly affected.

Several users on Malwarebytes forum are suffering half the speed withth IP protection enabled.

Malwarebytes do a fix to remove IP protection until a fix is found which hopefully will be soon, it seems at the moment they are still gathering info as to the nature of the problem. Or experienced users can edit the registry to remove IP protection.

  Strawballs 01:30 20 Mar 2010

I to have been on cable ever since NYNEX installed the cable down our road (apart from a brief foray into BT but never again) and I to have nothing but praise for their service.

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