Virgin 1571 service problem

  wids001 08:23 30 Dec 2010

We have a (minor) problem with our phone line from Virgin regarding this service. When we go to dial a number the tone is telling us we have a message. When we press 1571 we are told we have no new messages.

I contacted Virgin help line (India?) but was told the problem is with our phone. Not having a spare phone to check this, we are resigned to putting up with this somewhat annoying fault.

Could it be our phone? I thought this 1571 service was operated at the supplier end and not the user. Messages are stored at their end and then accessed by dialing 1571 - or am I wrong.

Any ideas please!

  BT 08:59 30 Dec 2010

If you think about it the messages must be stored at their end. I can't see that your phone could be the problem.
I gave up on it when I failed to get an important message. There is supposed to be an interrupted dialling tone, (which didn't happen) when there is a message waiting so if this wasn't the case I didn't normally bother to check what with the hassle of putting in the password etc.

I cancelled it and went and bought a single handset with digital answering machine at Tescos for about £27 and logged it onto my existing digital phone system. Much simpler to use. There's a bright red number which shows you how many messages are stored which flashes when there's a new one.

  spuds 12:00 30 Dec 2010

Perhaps the answer would be to try a new phone.

There's plenty of inexpensive phones about nowadays. We bought one not all that long ago from Argos, with an combined answer machine and other gizmo's for about £23.00. More than happy with its performance.

I think the cheapest in the catalogue at the time started at £3.99/£4.99?.

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