Views on this laptop, please

  Les T 01:27 02 Nov 2007

My wife and i want to buy a laptop, and with £400 being the absolute maximum, i have identified this Acer click here.

I know this paticular subject has been covered many times before, i would just like to hear some views on this particulr model.

Main use internet & e-mail, with DVD watching a secondary use.

  [email protected] 03:09 02 Nov 2007

Hi Les,
It will certainly do everything you need it for if it had xp,im not a vista user so cant be 100% sure of how quick it will be, though through reading a few threads its recommended to have 2 gig of ram.Plus allow for shared graphics.
Its a case of weighing up the pros and cons of similarly priced laptops really.
This one
click here
is similar in price,but has double the ram,40gig more storage but no card reader.
Ive got a laptop that i use at work for surfing,mail,dvds watch tv, not much else.
xp home,1.6 amd mobile sempron, 768 ram and it does all i need and some.It cost £299 about a year and a half ago and prices seem to have fallen since then.

  Les T 20:48 02 Nov 2007

Thanks for your views *Raven*, much appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 22:58 02 Nov 2007

It might be ok, its a good enough spec but the only concern I have is the amount of memory. I've seen a desktop with 1 gig of memory and shared graphics and to be honest it was very slow. I've seen someone else who has the same PC with 2 gig of memory and its like another computer.

Buy it by all means it seems like a reasonable spec for the money but if it does struggle then consider adding another gig of memory.
click here memory is not bad but if the memory onboard is 2 x 512mb rather than 1 x 1 gig chip it might be a bit more pricey as to upgrade you would have to remove the existing.

To be honest unless someone replies that has this particular laptop you won't know how good it is. I suspect that without another gig of memory performance will be poor.

  Les T 16:31 03 Nov 2007

I was in Tesco's today and spied this one click here the 2GB of RAM compensate for the fact it has a lesser processor? (i.e Intel Celeron against the Core 2 Duo of the Acer 5710)

  Les T 16:36 03 Nov 2007

I was in Tesco's today and spied this one click here will the lesser processor will the lesser processor outwiegh the increase in RAM?
That is an Intel Celeron against the Core 2 Duo of the Acer 5710, which only has 1GB of RAM.

  Totally-braindead 19:27 03 Nov 2007

Personally I would rather have the one you linked to originally and add some memory to it. Memory is cheap, it depends on the laptop obviously but the one I just upgraded with a 1 gig memory chip cost me £17.
Heres what the Acer Aspire will take click here £18 for 1 gig not too shabby.

  wjrt 19:29 03 Nov 2007
  josie mayhem 23:55 03 Nov 2007

I ran vista beta which at times was very memory hungery on a desk top with 1g of ram, but I didn't get two much of a problem with slowness... by the time it went gold it wasn't a problem as such....

With a laptop I would ponder what sort of graphic memory is sharing.... But at the end of the day if you arn't using your lappy for video editing or high end gaming I would say step bank and think about a up-grade on memory... But for general computing then not bad in my humble opinion

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