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  Chris the Ancient 20:59 10 May 2004

I have seen this company advertising in one or two places and their website shows a good range.

Has anyone used them? Are they as good as they advertise?

Are their inks accurate colours - I need to print top-notch graphics on my Epson Stylus Photo R200 and Canon S520 colour printers?

Any feedback would help - my ink bill is a little high!



  toxin 21:22 10 May 2004

For the Canon I recommend JetTec fron click here

Prices £6.50; order 1 and get 1 free. I've been using them for 3 yrs and their service and customer support are excellent.

  shizzy 21:34 10 May 2004

I am using Inkcycle refills on my HP for the first time and will not hesitate to do so again. Have printed photos and greetings cards and can see no difference from original ink.

  Chris the Ancient 23:12 10 May 2004

for the current feedback.

I'd like to keep it live a little longer.

If those JetTec prices are for compatibles, they're marginally more expensive that inkcycle - but a positive report is worthwhile!


  €dstowe 11:29 11 May 2004

If you want top notch graphics then the only way to guarantee them is by using top notch inks - those from the printer manufacturer or recommended by him.

Good as compatible inks may appear to be, they are not the genuine thing and you have no guarantee of quality or compatibility with your printer nor any comeback if things go wrong with the printer.

We use inkjet printers on a professional basis and we are alway getting companies contacting use trying to sell compatible this, that and the others. We have never found anything that matches the real thing. there is alway something amiss somewhere and with inks, it is usually the colour rendering.


  Chris the Ancient 15:07 11 May 2004

I have to be honest. I totally agree with you! Up until now, I've always gone the manufacturers' route on inks. Like you, I do thinks they're the best. I need the printing to be good, but my wallet is suffering a bit at the moment, hence the thread.

If someone had come back with a real wow! on inkcycle, I might have tried one run.

As nobody has come back with a suggestion that they would never use anything else, I think I shall take it as read that you can't beat the real thing and stay with it.


  €dstowe 15:11 11 May 2004

You could try one of the Guernsey based suppliers such as click here to get your (genuine) inks a bit cheaper.


  Chris the Ancient 08:03 12 May 2004

Thanks for more info.

Sorry to be slow replying. Flippin' work load!

Had a look at 7dayshop prices on my cartridges and they come out about the same as I pay from Viking (I have an account there). And Viking have the advantage of next day. Staples also quote about the same price.

Keep up the good work!


  €dstowe 08:10 12 May 2004

Aren't Viking prices ex VAT?


  €dstowe 08:12 12 May 2004

Also, for compatible inks, have a look at this thread click here

It appears that Andrew Smith is a friend of the forum - he certainly gives a good impression.

€d 00:44 15 May 2004

Just to pick up on a point made earlier in this thread, about using compatible ink cartridges, and there being "no comeback if things go wrong with the printer".

Most reputable suppliers offer a comprehensive guarantee with their compatible cartridges, which also covers any damage caused to a printer due to the use of their cartridges.

I know in the case of Britink, should a printer be damaged through the use of our compatible cartridges, we will either pay for the printer to be repaired, or replace the printer, as well as paying any carriage costs incurred in the process.

I daresay that the situation is likely to be the same with most suppliers, such as Inkcycle and Choice, as both are reputable companies, and take pride in their customer service.

Best Regards

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