Views on HP Pavilion dv 5031ea, please

  Beachy 19:07 07 May 2006

My 6 yr-old Fujitsu desktop (Pentium 3, 1.0Ghz, with 256 RAM, 40GB, GeForce 2MX AGP and DVD-read and CD R/W) is becoming alarmingly slow and unstable (running ME) and so I'm thinking of replacing it with a laptop (so I can use it around the house). I don't play games, but indulge in photography, desktop publishing (but only using Word) as well as the usual surfing, email etc, and by archiving old material to CD, haven't exceeded 20GB memory usage.

I'm thinking of a HP Pavilion DV5031ea from Staples (who from past experiences have proved to be well customer-orientated), which has Turion 64, 512MB, 40GB, Radeon Xpress 200M IGP and DVD RW.

I've also considered 8 machines recently in a rival PC mag, including Levono ThinkPad R50e (1.7 Pentium M735, 512MB, 40GB, but only CD-RW/ DVD-ROM and 855GM chip) and Elonex ProWire 153 (1.4 Celereon M360, 512GB, 80GB, DVD-RW and GMA 900).

I'd very much appreciate comments regarding HP build quality, reliability, customer service and spec of machines quoted. I note recent PC Advisor review of HP Pavilion DV5094ea, which sounded good, apart from games abilty, which doesn't concern me.

  Jimmy14 19:51 07 May 2006

a Desktop (Media Center), which I purchased last month and a pavillion laptop. They are very reliable and I am very pleased with them. Their Customer Service is quite good, like if you have a querie and phone them they don't hesitate to contact you regarding your problem with their products.

What is your budget for buying a laptop?

I recommend the Hp Pavillion DV5157EA from Comet. It has very good spec including 100Gb hdd, 1Gb Ram, and a AMD Turion ML34 1.8Ghz chip.
for £699.00 which is well worth the money. Even if you won't use it for high demanding applications it still has alot of storage and will run smoothly with the programs you use on it. If you ever come across a game you fancy I'm sure it will be able to handle it

  ade.h 19:51 07 May 2006

click here and you'll see that HP won the desktop category. What you can't see from that article is that it also finished in second place to Lenovo in the notebook category. I would rate my NX-series quite highly for its solid yet slim build and the customer service has proven to be very good indeed. Note that the cheaper Pavilion range has a chunkier chassis, which I have not seen first-hand.

  Jimmy14 19:53 07 May 2006
  Beachy 20:02 07 May 2006

I'd put my budget limit at £600. I appreciate that if I raise it to £700 that brings in a lot more possibilities. I was looking at a Pavilion dv5094ea at John Lewis at that price, with 1024MB and 100GB, plus 2 yr warranty. Interesting to hear of HP winning desktop categoery, but only 2nd to Levono. Will look into that. It's all a minefield!!

  Jimmy14 20:05 07 May 2006

the one you are suggesting from John Lewis at the same price is a model below the one I am suggesting from Comet, so the one from comet must have more features

HP Pavillion DV5157EA - I suggested from Comet
HP Pavillion DV5094EA- John Lewis

Both £699.99

  mark mcc 20:17 07 May 2006

Beachy if i was you i would go for a laptop with 60+ storage bacause as digital cameras are getting better with bigger file sizes and you will need more space to store your pics. apps are getting more demamding both processor and HDD space so i would get 1 with more mem and procesing power.

i have a Hp Pavillion ZD8000 and that is suitiable for all tasks like vid/pic edditing ect

if you are going mobile i would get centrino because my friend " jimmy14 " has an acer 1 and the battery life lasts 6hrs and it can handle day to day tasks as well as vid/pic edditing so it really depends on what you want to use it for.


Hp support is brill it even has IM which lets you talk to a technition in real time and they can take comtrol of your computer to fix the problem if you want.

so i would go HP.

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