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  crimbo 07:59 15 May 2004

I'm shortly to move house, and am currently with BTYahoo, but due to the convoluted ADSL moving process, i'm reviewing whether to stay with BT. Anybody any experience with BB packages less than £29.99 a month? Plusnet has caught my eye, anyone any experience?. I have a wireless network of 3 PC's, can any providers apart from AOL restrict connection to a home network?

  anchor 09:10 15 May 2004

I am sure other will make recommendations, but I would suggest you consider Pipex.

I have been with them for over 2 years, and am fully satisfied with their speed and service. Various tariffs are available; I have the "solo 500", (a 512kbps, unlimited service), which costs £23.44/month. Free set-up and modem.

click here

  acfc 10:38 15 May 2004

I would agree with anchor.

I'm with pipex and moved with them when i moved house and have been delighted with the service and price.

Recently my neice wanted BB so I looked at the options available again ended up recomending pipex as the best all round option.

Same here.

  iashem 18:22 15 May 2004

i have been with plusnet for nearly a year now and have recommended friends + family

  crimbo 20:04 15 May 2004

Thanks for the suggestions guys, it's looking a toss up between Pipex and Plusnet, but will leave the thread open for a while

  Chaz10 20:43 15 May 2004

I'm with pipex (for 13 months now) and not 1 problem :)

  spuds 21:11 15 May 2004

Try Tiscali click here Some people love them, some people hate them. I like them. Isn't life wonderfull!.

  23047 09:04 16 May 2004

NTL May be worth switching to. Thay have a something like 150k for 8.99 a month for the first three months then 17.99 a month thereafter. Check out their website-click here

  Nosmas 09:45 16 May 2004

I have been with PlusNet click here (@ £21.99 pm) for just over a year and have been very satisfied with their service. One very good feature of their web site is that they keep their customers informed click here when problems occur, or if anticipated maintenance work on the network is likely cause any problems.

  [email protected] 13:44 16 May 2004

have a look at
click here
was with Tiscali but escaped to pipex :))

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