Video games blast by minister

  TOPCAT® 12:36 13 Jan 2003
  TOPCAT® 12:36 13 Jan 2003

'Too many computer games and television series are trivialising violence and making heartlessness acceptable, according to culture minister Kim Howells.'

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It's true violence features highly in modern day visual entertainments, but are we so gullible these days that we can't distinguish between fact and fiction? TC.

  barrie_g 17:44 13 Jan 2003

the government is all to ready to blame the sins of scoiety on violent games, films, or music, they need to learn to put things into perspective and relax a little, me I'm off to kill me some people in SOF;-)

  barrie_g 17:47 13 Jan 2003

Ooops! scoiety, should read society

  JGAULD 18:07 13 Jan 2003

75 million people have died in the last 100 years fighting wars on behalf of goverments good/bad and the ugly.
Video games have killed (except the radio star;)no one to my knowledge and what does this goverment want to do? Ban a video game while sending our troops off to fight Bush the younger's Oil wars.
George Bush is a puppet put in power by his dad's pal's, the UN should be sent to evict him from the White house and reinstate the real winner of the last US elections AL Gore (what am I saying?????) well at least he would not be endangering the whole world with foolish Oil Barron mentality. click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:11 13 Jan 2003

'are we so gullible these days that we can't distinguish between fact and fiction?' word: soaps.

case proven M'Lud.


  TOPCAT® 18:51 13 Jan 2003

Nothing to get into a lather about are they? :-)

Don't watch any of 'em myself, so not guilty M'Lud! TC.

  Mysticnas 18:55 13 Jan 2003

here here.... yay!

i agree totally!!!

You see people dying all over the world at the hand of real armies and yet they want to ban violent games!

If there was big oil in the UK i reckon Bush would invade! (my own opinion/not related to anyone or group)


  TOPCAT® 20:33 13 Jan 2003

I have to agree, as one who occasionally plays PC video games, that violence portrayed in most of them has reached new and disturbing levels.

Having a high degree of violence does not necessarily mean anything beyond the confines of a monitor screen; even the news portrays real acts of violence most days.

What is important is the relationship between video games players and there social interaction, to see if the violence in video games affects players in any way. I am sadly of the opinion that in some cases it does, but can only hazard a guess at the reasons why.

There can't possibly be more ways left in which to kill another human being or alien, but no doubt I'll be proved wrong in due course. :-) TC.

  Belatucadrus 20:54 13 Jan 2003

I have memories from the first gulf war coverage of the American pilots, who had been on ground attack missions. They looked and sounded like teenagers who'd just been having a blast with Unreal tournament, not blowing up real people, now they really were scary.

  Pilch.... 21:33 13 Jan 2003

we had similar discussion on this in the gamesroom.....

my server has gone funny so ill post a link later to it, but my POV (that the FE thought true but off topic) was that it isnt the games, the TV, movies or the latest rap song's.... (i listen to rock etc etc)

But parents...
Most of the kids that have been in trouble normally dont have good relationship with parent's, no respect for them tends to make it hard for parents to instill discipline, which is where the first few important lessons of life are learnt.

Although a few will disagree, i dont think games cause these problems, it is where parents dont take active interest in what their children do that children see these things as the norm...

I mean look at me, hooked on quake 1 at the age of 12, my mum went out and brought it for me, so i have had 6 years of playing voilent games, games which depict driving fast as fun, look at GTA, that is just a laugh and that is all i see it is......

So before governments go around banning games, perhaps they should look at how children are being brought up, not what they get upto.....

moan over.....

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