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  WHAFC 11:44 22 Apr 2003

I am looking to upgrade my current PC with one that will allow video editing from images captured on my Sony IRP220E digital camcorder. I have a budget of around 1500 - 2000 GBP, I dont want a new monitor, base unit only! any suggestions as to which system will suit me and my budget best would be much appreciated?

  MichelleC 11:59 22 Apr 2003

I do a fair amount of dv editing. This is my spec; HARDWARE:
Win 98se,
Athlon AMD 1.2 gb,
512 ram,
main hd 40gb 5400,
2nd hd 60gb 7200,
external hd 120gb,
DVD 16x,
cdwr 52x 24x 52x,
1394 firewire,

Video Factory,
Magix Video deluxe,

Sony TRV 120E.

Hd space is the main thing. 5/6 mins of avi = 1gb.

  Mr Scone 13:04 22 Apr 2003

The Evesham Axis 2800+ Best Buy looks like a great system. You can configure it to remove the monitor if you like and put another hard drive in.
Other options - Evesham do a specific range of video editing PC's which look quite useful (though i would go for this one). It depends on whether you need a DVD writer or not.

Also, it might be worth checking out Mesh click here . They have some good systems at a reasonable price, but you will have to risk the bad customer services if you do buy from them.

Hope this helps


  Mr Scone 13:09 22 Apr 2003

Evesham click here

  Jungle 13:54 22 Apr 2003

You have a healthy budget for the main base.

As Michelle has stated HD and speed are the main things here for Vid Editing.

My advise would be to spend your money on making your system as fast as possible for moving all the data around.


So plenty of double rate RAM somthing like DDR 333 or higher, at least 512mg.( The higher the better ) ( Budget GBP 100 per 512 DDR stick )


Would recommend getting 2 sizeable drives 7200 spec , somthing like 60 - 100 gig or higher per drive ( obviously depends how much footage you are going to shoot and edit at once ) ( Budget GBP1- 1.50 per gig, so 80 Gig = appx GBP 80 )


Somthing like a TI 4200 or ATI 9500 pro or higher will be fine with DDR 128mg ram. ( You can spend more here but you dont really need to, depends what else you might do with your PC ? ) Nvidia graphics cards tend to be less problamtic than ATI driver updates etc. ( budget GBP 130 - to GBP 400 depending on your choice )


I like Asus , but Gigabyte are good as well as several other makes, but before you decide you need to look at what make of processor you are going to get, ie Intel or Athlon. ( Budget GBP 80- 160 )


The final component and the one that will make probably the biggest difference is the processor, its your choice whether to go down the Intel or Athlon route, both are good. The only advice I would give is that both are bringing new chips to the market place as we speak / type, so you might want to hold off. ( Budget GBP 400 )

But having said all this you can never keep up with technology, its obsolete before it hits the shops !...

Intel tend to be strong but do like to change the lineup quite often, so technology can become old before its time, where as Atholn based systems tend to be easier to upgrade ( processor wise ), but please note they can be a lot louder ( fan wise ) than an Intel based machine.

Your budget does allow for a dual processor machine...could be worth a thought ?

It all depends on how serious you want to be. If you are talking about going into business this might be the route for you, if its just home / holiday videos then a single processor over 1Gig will do the trick. Your budget obviously allows for far more, so the faster the better ie 2.8 - 3 Ghz Intel / Atholn XP 3000 would be nice.

I built a PC for V/E in December here's my dets :click here

to which on my return to the UK in March I purchased a Sony DVD-RW ( Budget GBP 260 ) drive , so I am now burning home grown DVD's, and I find it pushes all the data around quite nicely.


There's plenty out there and its pretty much down to personal taste, its all quite good these days. I like Pinnacle Studio and use there latest full version ( 8 ) with extra Hollywood effects.
( Budget GBP 50 - 300 depending on your choice, most are around the GBP 50 mark, give or take GBP10, obviously the higher the price the more pro type of software you are purchasing )


You havent stated operating system but I would recommend Windows XP, ( as this will allow you to run 512MB of ram without the need of Ram stabalising programs) . Budget GBP 90 for an upgrade from Win ME or GBP 160 for a full version )

You can build a PC yourself or try someone like MESH or Simply computers, they can build somthing for you at a very good price.

Your budget is more than enough to have a very good system, especially as you dont need a monitor



( Apologies for the essay )

  WHAFC 11:16 24 Apr 2003

Decided on a custon build. AMD Athlon 3000+, 512MB DDR400 DIMM, 2 X Hard disk, each 80GIG 7200rpm HDD, ATI 9700P 128MB VGA graphics card. Hopefully this shou;d have enough speed and memory for my video editing uses. Thanks for all of you who commented.

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