video editing

  Harpur 22:32 11 Jun 2006

i would like to try my hand at making home video on dvd. can anybody suggest a reletively inexpensive package but one with plenty of options

  De Marcus™ 22:48 11 Jun 2006

Hi Harpur, tell us how your capturing your footage first (important), is it from a Mini DV camera or from a DVD camcorder? Or are you reffering to plain ole editing and want some pointers?

  Harpur 22:54 11 Jun 2006

this is being captured from a canon digital camcorder mv550i. it is simply family stuff that i want to put together on a dvd and that will play on the dvd in the living room. what i would like is a package that will offer some choice in the manner that is done, but at the same time i really can't afford to pay more than £40

  De Marcus™ 23:10 11 Jun 2006

In that case I can't recommend Sonic MY DVD 8.0 enough, your camera is of the Mini DV variety which means you'll be capturing from firewire or usb 2.0, the Sonic software is intuitive to use, compatible with most systems and most importantly doesn't suffer as much as most other software programs from audio synching problems (pinnacle?), I think there is a trial program available for download which should give you an idea. There are a lot of other programs which will perform well (Nero) but for dedicated mid basic user level video editing Sonic is my first recomenndation, followed by Nero, then Roxio products. A really good program for users who are in the stages of beginner to advanced status is Sony vegas.

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