Video dvd and Windows Moviemaker

  [DELETED] 17:01 21 Nov 2003

I am trying to set myself up to produce DVDs with my digital camcorder,
and am receiving conflicting advice.

I have Windows XP and have downloaded the upgrade to the free MovieMaker
application which comes with XP. I am perfectly happy with MovieMaker despite the derogatory comments about
it which are sometimes made, and above all, it was free! I have produced
some very satisfactory video CDs using it.

However, I want to move on to produce DVDs. I was on the verge of buying
the LG GSA-4040B dual format DVD writer on the basis of the recommendation
on page 40 of the December edition of Computer Shopper until I realised that I would need
software as well, MovieMaker not being equipped to produce DVDs, although
it produces very satisfactory CDs. Microsoft themselves say that software
such as Sonic MyDVD Plus 4 will do the trick, but I have not been able to
find it at my local PC World, and I do not know how much it costs even if
I could find someone who sells it. PC World say that they sell a number
of programs, but felt that none of them would work with MovieMaker.

Can you suggest a combination of hardware and software, preferably not too
expensive, which would suit me? I feel that I ought to go for a dual
format DVD writer, but you may have strong views to the contrary.

Incidentally I have not yet acquired the DVD player on which the DVDs will
be played when I do eventually succeed in producing them so all options
are still open in that direction.

  [DELETED] 17:28 21 Nov 2003

If you want trouble-free dvd burning note that some folks have probs with Pinnacle's S8. But Nero 6 can cope with most dv editing software. You won't get dv editing and dvd burning software bundled (unless it's Vegas video - not cheap but trouble-free). I've used VideoWave (useless), S7 (not bad) and Video factory (great). There's a lot to learn and here's a good place to start click here (site's down at moment) and here click here is a load of tools.

BTW it's better to post in helproom as this is the lounge where we like to bicker.

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