VHS to DVD software

  SallyC 18:39 16 May 2010

I have read the few posts that are on this site but would be grateful if anybody successfully using a vhs to dvd package via their PC could advise what they're using.
I already have Honestech 2.0 deluxe which refuses to work so don't want to buy another one that also doesn't work. (I already use a vhs/dvd recorder for straightforward copying)
Many thanks

  Woolwell 19:45 16 May 2010

I have used Pinnacle Instant DVD recorder but would not recommend it. In my experience the vhs/dvd recorder is the best way.

  SallyC 20:43 16 May 2010

Thanks Woolwell, but I would like the editing facility. Please keep your recommendations (or otherwise) coming

  fullyfitted 22:12 16 May 2010

On the negative side I've also used Pinnacle and had big problems with Synchronization. Now I use A Video recorder coupled to a DVD recorder , I record to a RW disc, then trasfer it to a PC and use Serif "MY DVD" to edit and then burn a final copy. Very long winded I but I end up with what I want,

Hope this is some help


  ronalddonald 07:17 17 May 2010

Sally have you tried google to see if anyone out there offer the service, there some small companies that were charging to put video onto dvd.

Just type in video to dvd service see what come up,

  Woolwell 09:18 17 May 2010

For video editing I use Serif MoviePlus but I suspect that there are better products out there.

It may sound long winded but fullyfitted's method of having a video on DVD and then importing that Video, editing it and then burning is possibly faster and probably more likely to get better results.

  SallyC 17:44 15 Oct 2010

Thanks to everyone - I didn't solve the problem, just accepted that some of videos will not go onto DVD.

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