Vernons Pools

  Salinger 23:14 03 Mar 2005

This may not be computer related, but it is certainly Internet related.

I took up an (unsolicited) email offer to play Vernons Pools for a year. Filled in their application on their site - Credit Card details etc. - now I find that they turned this into a Cash Withdrawal incurring me a minimum £2 Cash Withdrawal fee.

I had no idea that this could be done and my question is, is it legal and how many other businesses could or would do this?

£2 is not the end of the world but a purchase of £1000 could incur a 2% Cash Withdrawal charge!

  Stuartli 09:58 04 Mar 2005

Take it up immediately by telephone with your credit card company.

How can you be sure that responding to an unsolicted e-mail and visiting a "Vernons Pools" website is genuine?

  Salinger 10:04 04 Mar 2005

I have taken it up with the CC company, they say to take it up with Vernons.

The email was genuine, the website is genuine and the security measures were genuine.

Vernons have yet to respond.

  Sapins 14:19 04 Mar 2005

I was just about to renew my entry via their web site, I'll now use snail mail as before.

  Salinger 23:17 11 Mar 2005

Having checked with MBNA the card issuer (they said it was Vernons who had done it) I checked with Vernons who stated categorically that they had NOT done it, their Merchant Bankers, Alliance and Leicester Commercial also checked this out and said they had not done it. So, back to MBNA who admitted that THEY do this on certain transactions and that they had changed their Terms and Conditions in order to make some transactions Cash Withdrawals - a bit of a rip-off I think.

  Forum Editor 00:55 12 Mar 2005

We either want a cashless society or we don't, and this sort of nonsense is irritating in the extreme. The problem is that, as we all become more dependent on credit cards in our daily lives, the card providers make up the rules as they go.

There's little you can do about it, other than complain loud and long, and hope that someone listens.

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