Verbatim customer services.

  Ellen G 15:55 04 Jun 2007

Just a warning of possible problems in relation to Verbatim as a company.

A few months ago, I bought a box of ten floppies and after a short period, the first two discs failed to be recognised by the drive. The speciality software to check the disk identified bad sectors which could not be repaired, and I sent one disc to Verbatim.

The initial response was positive and sympathetic. Some files were recovered and emailed to me though they were baffled by the errors. They also promised to return the faulty disc and send some replacements.

Nothing arrived. Several emails to note the lack of floppies did not lead to a response. Phone calls left on answer machines did not trigger any interest either.

So what of the lifetime warranty? They're only floppies, but what if a pricier USB stick had failed?

The shop where I bought them from told me that they were aware of poor customer services at Verbatim. It's a shame. However, it's not worth going to court over.

If you have a choice, buy from a shop which will replace a faulty produce without fuss. I was not offered a refund and didn't have the energy to fight for one.


  Forum Editor 18:05 04 Jun 2007

your contract is with the retailer from whom you bought the floppy disks, not with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer doesn't have any legal obligation to you, but the retailer does. A manufacturer's warranty is in addition to your legal rights. Your retailer should have exchanged the goods, or offered you a full refund.

  spuds 18:27 04 Jun 2007

I am always baffled by Warranty for Life. Doe's it mean the day the item fails, thats its life, or is it some mystical figure in the far future??.

  Ellen G 18:28 04 Jun 2007

Dear Forum Editor,

I knew that the shop should have refunded but you need a little bit of courage to deal with unhelpful assistants and the floppies were cheap. It's hard to argue that they are damaged through no fault of your own, as the man in the shop said, they didn't know if I'd dropped it, as he was always droppign his and it never wetn wrong. Perhaps I'd left it in the washing machine.

I wrote my post as a warning, for others, that this company's customer services is disappointing.

The other issue is, what does lifetime warranty mean? Who gives you the warranty? In this case, I sent them the first errant floppy to see if it was a floppy problem, or a drive problem. I'd never had this problem before. Because I got no answer, I bought a new floppy drive as well.

It's not all so clear cut.


  Forum Editor 19:42 04 Jun 2007

is in effect the manufacturer saying "I am proud of what I produce, and I guarantee that it will work properly, and do so for a long time. If you find that there's a fault in the way it's made, and that as a result you can't use it, I'll give you a new one, provided the fault is discovered within a year/two years/whatever the manufacturer says"

A warranty doesn't have any effect of your rights under consumer law, it's in addition to those rights, and you don't have a contract with the manufacturer, because you didn't buy your goods from him/her/them. Your contract was with the retailer, and the retailer is liable to you under the law. The retailer may well decide to contact the manufacturer and get replacements, but that's not normally something you should be involved in.

Most manufacturers will be quick to honour their warranty because it's in their interests to do so, and normally you'll get a positive response from them if there's a genuine manufacturing fault. Once you deal direct with the maker however, you'll find it hard to get the retailer involved again, and except in certain special circumstances (computer monitors being one) I don't advise it.

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