Vendors continousing responsibility extending beyond the 1 year

  SparkyJack 20:38 17 Sep 2012

In an other topic I have been helping a friend with a computer that seems to have a fault - which has been returned to vendor and the machine returned with seemingly a continuing issie- and this gas been happening over a period of 3 years - before he turned to me.

The machine machine runs normally in all aspect except when composing an E mail it simply shuts down.

Searching various forums it seems it is a known problem with a batch of this particular model Acer Aspire 7736 Z

If this proves to be accurate - what recourse is there now after 3 years.

I seem to recall a similar issue where it was established that in consumer law the vendor is responsible for items for longer than the noramal warranty period . Six years seems to ring a bell. Any thoughts please?

  TopCat® 21:03 17 Sep 2012

Have a look here for some consumer rights. No mention of six years cover here but over two is mentioned. TC. faulty goods

  morddwyd 08:35 18 Sep 2012

I thought that if you could prove that the fault was there from new then liability is unlimited by time.

Do doubt the FE will give the definitive answer.

  woodchip 18:26 18 Sep 2012

You can get help if it's a hardware fault. Not if it's Software

  rdave13 21:39 18 Sep 2012

Shutting down when compiling, and sending, an email makes me think of security software being the culprit, especially if the M/C has a security suit.

  SparkyJack 07:14 19 Sep 2012

Rdave That's an interesting thought Would the composing 'live' cause this as opposed to general 'browsng'?

Ihave also suggested to the owner to compose offline in a text editor then simply Cut and paste.

  Forum Editor 07:24 19 Sep 2012

This is going to be a software fault of some kind. What email software is involved?

  SparkyJack 09:32 06 Oct 2012

Thank you for responses so far0 seeing this individual is spasmodic at the gym


As far as I can tell the Email is Web - Hotmail Which makes it the more weird, He can surf and download and send on stuff- all day.

But as soon as the Keyboard is used to compose - the machine shuts down.

  HondaMan 19:29 06 Oct 2012

Try using a different email client, Incredimail or something else like that.

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