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  [DELETED] 17:15 02 Jun 2006

I have recently ordered a system from Vanatage and have had problems with both Customer Service and delivery.After ordering I sent them an email the reply to which took 4 days.This was better than the second email I sent them,to which I have necer had a reply!!I made one phone call to ask about delivery and the dates I was given later turned out to be wrong by over a week.
When I did finally get my email re delivery from them,I was informed that delivery would be today(Friday 2/06/2006) and a tracking number to check my delivery with Initial Couriers.By late pm with no sign of delivery I checked Initial web site to track delivery,only for it to show that delivery had taken place!!!After a long call to Initial I was told that there were 2 packages but only one would be delivered today and the second one on Monday!!Just had first package,its the monitor.How did I know that it was going to be that.
Initil deliver for Vantage on a next day delivery basis ,so I can only presume that only the monitor left on time and the rest was sent Friday.Was this to shut me up I ask myself?Have I been lied to?I think yes.
I will update this on Monday,when the next episode of the never ending saga continues.

  [DELETED] 08:30 16 Aug 2006

Yes, I would have to advise extreme caution if you are considering using Vantage at all.

To cut a very long story short:

I ordered a custom PC for £2700+ on 29th June. They charged my credit card same day. All over their website it says 7 to 10 days build and deliver time.

Numerous attempts to contact them after this period had come and gone went ignored - they dont even pick up their SALES LINE phone half the time! Eventually, on 20th July, they communicated that they couldnt yet supply the system, and I was given the choice of up or downgrading or waiting. I said I would wait IF their estimate that it would be ready the following week was accurate. It wasn't. I tried contacting them several more times.

When they did reply, on 3rd August, I cancelled my order at their suggestion, and asked for an immediate refund - since they'd had my money over a month, I was about to start paying interest on cash I hadn't actually spent. They said it would take 3-5 days and that was 'down to my cc company'.

It's now the 16th August, and my CC company inform me I have not received a refund and one is not pending.

My attempts to contact them all this week have been ignored, and they still haven't processed the refund. So I'm out £2700+, more since I have to start paying interest now, while going through the motions of disputing the sale with my cc company, and nearly 2 months after I wanted one, I still have no pc!

So yes, I'd advise you don't use Vantage!

  [DELETED] 09:18 16 Aug 2006

Hi,Yes we still had problems after eventual delivery.Thankfully they were minor.The real problem with them seems to be a total lack of any understanding of customer service.Promises are made with no real attempt to keep them.Even if you phone you are lucky to speak to anyone who can actually help all you get are promises of return calls that never happen.
Howver the product seems to be very good,its a pity every thing else is just so bad!!!
Hope you get your refund sorted.

  [DELETED] 09:46 16 Aug 2006

have you tried contacting your credit card company about this? they are liable as well and as such will chase it also.

  [DELETED] 12:33 04 Sep 2006

well, I eventually received a refund on the 26th August, after cancelling the order and being told it would take 3-5 days by Vantage. However, given that they had my money for 2 months and delivered nothing, I have been charged £40 interest on the amount for the time they had it - which if they had refunded promptly when they said they would, wouldn't have been the case.

Not really very fair considering this was not my fault in any way.

  [DELETED] 07:59 21 Sep 2006

Wish I'd checked this forum before I ordered from Vantage. Same problem, ordered 3/9 after no e-mail by 13/9 so phoned, told there was delay and would be with me by 15/9. No e-mail 14/9 so phoned again, told would be delivered Wed 20/9 (would e-mail me day before). No e-mail on 19/9, phoned yet again, was told yet again that there was a delay (all this time could not pin down their salesperson with a reason for the delay). Have now been told I will definitely get delivery of the PC either Friday 22/9 or Monday 25/9 - so if this is true should get e-mail either today or tomorrow to confirm delivery - not holding my breath!
Have told them if it is not delivered by Monday then I will cancel the order. Will post next week with results.

  oresome 09:06 21 Sep 2006

There's a lot to said for going to PC World, handing over the money and collecting the PC there and then.

Up and running the same day with none of the stress and hassle.

May not be cutting edge and cost a few pounds more, but it keeps the blood pressure down.

  [DELETED] 12:12 21 Sep 2006

oresome, I was thinking the same reading the thread.

  [DELETED] 22:11 02 Oct 2006

PC finally arrived on Friday 29th - was told reason for delay was that they were unable to source 3800+ but said I could upgrade to 4200+ - as it was only approx. £25 more decided to go for it, however it doesn't look as though they have charged me for the upgrade - bonus. It seems to be running ok but am going to have to change the fans - they are sooooo noisy!

  [DELETED] 11:41 03 Jan 2007

I have just spent £2000 for a vantage pc

it arrived late
it did not have the 2 500gig drives set up
it crashed 2/3 times a day
it has now died

vantage have not replied to emails
their telephones either are ansaphone or ring all day unanswered, including the line not mentioned on their website, so much for 24/7 support.
I have had to book a non vantage engineer to come in and fix it :-(

my advice is avoid them :-(


  [DELETED] 13:19 03 Jan 2007

Talk to your local trading standards

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