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  lonstone 12:09 16 Jan 2006

Hi has anyone brought a computer from Vantage.

click here

i have seen a few threads but no follow up on whether they are good or not.


  Desert Rat 20:17 16 Jan 2006

I am another one looking for some info on Vantage. Got some money to spend but am a little concerned by the total lack of info, either good or bad, on the company. Very impressed by what their Site offers but not knowing anything about their machines or after-sales service makes me a little hesitant to proceed at this time.

  Starfox 20:29 16 Jan 2006

Not had any dealings with them myself but my friend bought one of their pc's for himself for Christmas and well impressed he is with it.

He got the Vantage Nitro click here to use mainly as a games machine and it really is a nice piece of equipment,well made from quality components and works like a dream straight out of the box.His only complaint was that delivery was delayed by a few days but he says that because it is such a great pc he can forgive them for that.

Hope this helps.

  Desert Rat 20:35 16 Jan 2006

Thanks Starfox

  lonstone 10:49 17 Jan 2006

thanks starfox.

i just hope it was the christmas rush that caused your buddy's pc too be late :D

think i will go with them though - at least for the base unit.


  umpfry 23:25 18 Jan 2006

I've just bought a Vantage Precision, excellent -worked straight out of the box.I paid extra for Sat delivery and it turned up on Thurs,luckily a neighbour took it in. They sent the wrong monitor (DVI ordered) although box was clearly marked PC audio. I rang, requested refund for extra delivery charge, asked for replacement,but as I can only take delivery on Sat they refused to refund extra charge, so I'm paying them to rectify their mistake!New monitor arrived but there was no DVI lead as listed in the maker's handbook. I rang again, and was told "Perhaps the book's wrong and they don't supply the lead"!!!After more waffle was told "We don't say we provide leads"! Now in correspondence. Watch this space.

  lonstone 09:18 19 Jan 2006

well i'm expecting mine today but i have only ordered the base unit. ordered the operating system and monitor seperate from scan.

only glitch so far is that they didn't have the speakers i ordered in stock so had too choose a different set but thats no big deal. just hope the rest is ok and all the parts are there.

looking forward to getting home from work and can feel a migrane coming on tomorrow. :D

  lonstone 21:48 19 Jan 2006

well i have my new pc and its all good and working. installed windows on it and all the proper bits and pieces are there as ordered.

one glitch... the speakers that they didnt have in stock that i had to change have come with a european power lead so i need to get an adapter for them. not really bothered about spending a quid for it but would have been nicer if they worked. still, if thats what they have too do to make the system build cheaper and make their margins then fair play - i'd prefer too pay a quid for an adaptor than 100 quid for UK brought parts.

  gumbo92 09:33 09 Feb 2006

Hi, I had the same problem as everyone else...I wanted a good powerful and reliable pc at a reasonable price and after much hunting I found Vantage to be the best on offer...Or so I thought.

I've had nothing but trouble with them even when placing the order they got it wrong twice. The pc has not worked correctly from day one of receiving it...its crashed, frozen, serious error reports, its needed a new fan, power supply and dvd burner among tons of other faults and its been in for repair twice and yet they have failed to repair it properly. The system has been highly unstable from day one and the customer service is fact its non existent!! I spent £1500 and to be honest I wouldn't have paid a penny if I'd known I was going to have these problems.

I'm now in the process of suing them!! Beware, as the product is cr*p and the service is terrible! My pc is only 9 months old and they've had it in for repair for 2 of those months and its still totally useless!!! If you want a pc pay for what you want i.e. top quality and power cost, and buy from a well known and established company like pc world, dell, alienware etc!!

  Halibut88 20:14 10 Feb 2006

Having tried to purchase a PC from Watford Electronics (aka Savastore, Aries, etc)... I am taking back my £1300 base unit for a refund. Everything I have been told by Customer Services has been wrong so far.. . but this is not a posting about that thread.. but I am looking for a new supplier and would like one where there is some 'Good Customer Service' for when things do not work properly.

Like other postings, quite taken by the price and configuratin options, but would just like to pay for a reliable, customer oriented supplier... just for a change.

Also looking at cube247.. which has got some good reviews in here I have noticed.

  phil46 21:46 10 Feb 2006

Try Novatech,but don't buy one without the OS installed you don't get SATA drivers on a floppy,
you have have to find them on the computer disk and copy to floppy so you would be stuck if you don't have a secound computer,otherwise a good computer both CS and TECH support.

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