Is this value for money?

  v1asco 20:29 30 Jan 2007

click here

Seriously though, I am looking for a compact, quiet model and this was about £400 in Tesco with 19" Display.

Any reccomendations.

Ta Taffy

  GaT7 21:47 30 Jan 2007

You'd be hard-pressed to get any more compact than that, but not too sure about its quietness (yet). You do realise that it doesn't offer much scope in way of upgrades - e.g. internal hard/optical drives or dedicated graphics/sound cards.

My neighbour has gone for the Acer L100 - the Tesco one of course (after another company cancelled her order (click here). She wasn't particularly after a compact/quiet model though. We're expecting it to be delivered tomorrow. G

  v1asco 10:19 04 Feb 2007

Bought the Acer 100 in Tescos £400.

Well it is mentioned in Mar PCA New Products. It is the basic model. It has no instructions except connecting up, doesn't even say what discs I can use although the Acer site says its dual layer. Still setting it up. Certainly quieter and very compact. So far very positive about it.

  GaT7 19:24 04 Feb 2007

Yeah, she's very pleased too. I'm not a compact-PC person but have been well-impressed by its sleekness & very small size, speed & quietness of operation, & the lovely 19" widescreen TFT. Pleased to see external 2.0 speakers (they aren't bad for the size), & good on them for not incorporating them in the monitor. 10Mb cable broadband connection to come on Wednesday (plenty of updates to download it appears), & then the real fun begins!

bugle, thanks for checking the optical drive's dual layer spec. Do new computers usually come with plenty of instructions? Have never bought a new one before, so don't know. G

  v1asco 22:15 04 Feb 2007

This is the Dixons link

click here

which may give you details. Don't be alarmed at price, no monitor supplied, base unit only.

click here

Acer web site seems very confusing. Every time I look I get different pages about L100.

Computers used to come with books or very minimum a do/don't sheet. I am using DVD-r at mo, will try + later.

Good Luck

  v1asco 22:21 04 Feb 2007

click here

This seems to be the definitive UK page.

  GaT7 00:24 05 Feb 2007

Thanks bugle : )) G

  Jake_027 17:34 05 Feb 2007

Not for £9,999.00, No!!!

click here


  GaT7 18:08 07 Feb 2007

bugle, how are you getting on? Did you check for updates? My neighbour got connected to broadband this afternoon, & checking for updates, there were many for Windows (42 to be precise!) & Norton Antivirus (only 90 days free updates btw).

Also, as the PC doesn't come with a Windows or restore disk, make sure to do a COMPLETE BACKUP of the Windows partition to removeable media/external hard drive.

I loaded some extra programs & tweaked a few settings - mostly display ones for a better, bigger, clearer view (e.g. the monitor's default brightness/contrast is set too high, the mouse pointer's too small, etc). It's running like a dream now & seems a lot quicker than my Athlon 2800+ PC - the Acer L100's a dual core of course. G

  GaT7 18:22 07 Feb 2007

Sorry for some slight misinfo...

One can create a restore disk with the factory default settings (& likewise run subsequent backups) using the Acer eRecovery Management console click here. G

  v1asco 21:30 07 Feb 2007

Thanks for info, done that.

Seems this is turning into an acer mutual admiration society. Everyone else is very quiet.

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