V21 and NetServices - denial of broadband

  Roisdad 10:24 17 Nov 2006

Anyone else out there caught up in the situation between V21 and NetServices?
On 15th Nov in a dispute over invoices NetServices arbitrarily barred V21 broadband customers from connecting to the internet. To 'minimise disruption' to V21 customers, NetServices are offering an alternative broadband provider EzeeDSL who just happen to be an associate of Netservices. However at £24.95 per month it isn't much of a bargain.
V21 and Biscit (V21s parent company) recommend that V21 customers should phone or e-mail NetServices and request the MAC code to facilitate migrating to another ISP. Guess what! - NetServices, in an automated response to both phone and email enquiries state that because they are a wholesale company they can/will not release MAC codes to end users nor will they release them to V21/Biscit as V21 is no longer trading as per their agreement with NetServices.
This strikes me as very underhanded business practice and personally I want as little as possible to do with NetServices.
NetServices have also said that they will ask BT to disconnect the broadband facility from the phone line of any user who has not transferred to EzeeDSL by 24th November. I presume if that happens then BT will charge for the privilege of re-establishing broadband to my phoneline before I can go elsewhere.
Anyone any suggestions as what I can do to quickly transfer to another ISP? or even back to a service offered by V21/Biscit?
Can I ask BT to disconnect or transfer my broadband line to another ISP in advance of the deadline set by NetServices?
Fortunately I can access the web at a couple of other locations.
Sorry this is so wordy - Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  mark2 18:56 17 Nov 2006

have previously been involved in a similar case, ringfencing customers and only transferring them to their chosen ISPs, see click here and click here

  mark2 19:00 17 Nov 2006

a suggested workaround in the Gio case was click here

  Forum Editor 10:45 18 Nov 2006

Basically what's happened is that there's a row going on between Biscuit and netservices over invoicing. Biscuit says that netservices agreed not to charge them for something and netservices say they didn't make such an agreement. It's a wrangle between the two companies which has impacted on customers.

Biscuit's attitude is that if netservices provide them with MAC codes for the affected customers they (Biscuit) will immediately migrate the customers to a new broadband service, and provide a one-month free service by way of compensation for the inconvenience. It looks as if netservices are not providing the MAC numbers for some reason. Their excuse is that it takes time to generate large numbers of codes.

The dispute will probably rumble on, and may end up in court, but in the meantime nobody can move on until/unless netservices provide the MAC numbers.

  Raywood 22:36 19 Nov 2006

Are MAC numbers the same as MAC Addresses i.e. the format 00:00:XX:00:XX:00?? Surely there must be an equivalent in/for windows that is similar to Mac OS X's System profiler. The system profiler will give you the MAC address for all your network connections/devices.

As I say, I could be wrong. J

  Stuartli 23:15 19 Nov 2006

I may be wrong but you might be confusing this:

click here

with a Migration Authorisation Code.

Mac codes normally commence with BBIP, FTIP, BBDS or BBDP e.g. BBIP12344321/AB12C

  Forum Editor 00:06 20 Nov 2006

Stuartli's right - you're confusing a network MAC address with an internet access MAC number. Internet Service providers subscribe to a voluntary industry code of practice whereby one will issue a MAC number to a user who wishes to migrate to another ISP.

The MAC should be issued within 5 days of the request, and is valid for a period of thirty days. The customer presents the MAC to the new ISP who facilitates the transfer.

  kimisam 00:45 20 Nov 2006

I am a victim too, not only my broadband has been disable, V21 has been over charged me in more then three occasions since Feb this year!
I am on dial up now! and they have just sebd me an e-mail to notisfy me that they are taking payment today! is anyone out there in a similar situation? can anyone help please.

  Roisdad 15:20 24 Nov 2006

Thanks to all for the replies.

It seems it is just a case of wait for the disconnect and then join some other ISP.

I see from the postings on the NetServices website they claim to have restored the internet access for those of us who haven't signed up with Ezeedsl yet. They say it will remain untill BT get round to actually disconecting us. I'm not at home at the moment so can't check this out but if it is true at least that is something.

I'm considering Newnet as my next provider.

Anyone any experience of them?

  Roisdad 15:28 24 Nov 2006

Re V21 charging you;
If you pay your V21 bill by Direct Debit tell your bank you want to cancel the V21 direct debit on your account. That should stop them taking any more money.

You might want to e-mail Biscit and tell them that since they are no longer providing the broadband service you signed up for with V21 then they are in breach of contract and you are terminating your contract with them. You probably won't get a response from Biscit as they don't seem to be responding to any e-mails or phone calls at the moment but it will help to keep you right. Make sure you keep a copy of the e-mail somewhere.

  GaT7 18:05 24 Nov 2006

The discussion rages on at click here. G

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