V good spec PC for under £160......

  2drewej 22:52 02 Apr 2007

cant believe how cheap these are going for on ebay...

250gb hdd
PD 820 2.8gz x2
1gb ram
256mb graphics etc...

whoever is stocking them must have hundreds, a few weeks ago they were going for £350 each on PCworld.co.uk - and i thought that was cheap!

click here

  zincy 22:58 02 Apr 2007

that link nearly crashed my comp...

  2drewej 23:01 02 Apr 2007

how could it crash your computer - its a link from ebay.co.uk!???

  GaT7 23:24 02 Apr 2007

Not bad at all.

Thanks for that - I now know eBay has this rather useful 'Completed listings' search. G

  2drewej 23:30 02 Apr 2007

click here

  2drewej 23:31 02 Apr 2007

ignore the above post, these are the ones which are not completed yet...

click here=

  Totally-braindead 23:54 02 Apr 2007

Interesting but they are second hand and do not come with a recovery disk.

"This fantastic PC is direct from a major UK retailer who has held it in storage but now urgently needs to make space for new stock. To ensure it is in perfect condition item has just been professionally checked and tested by an approved PC refurbisher and is now in excellent condition.

The item is in very good with some very minor scratches to the casing." From one of the PCs listed.

I do have a few problems with the wording. If the PC was held in storage where did the scratches come from, are they trying to say that they were removed from their cardboard boxes and left sitting in a warehouse and therefore got scratched? Also checked and tested by a PC refurbisher means to me it is a second hand PC.

Not having a dig at you 2drewej just saying I don't like the way they've described it. Morgans for example will say new or refurbished or rework click here= and they state the warranty clearly.

I also have a problem with this from their legal section "We do our best to present accurate, detailed information about every item we sell. We might from time add to the description or add further information by answering a question and attaching the information on the bottom of the listing; if the new information preceeds a bid it is part of the listing. We describe in the listing what if any testing we have done on the item. If we cannot test an item we might quote the owner on the item's condition. We will not be able to accept a return of the item if any functionality not tested is not working properly or is not safe to use. We will also take no responsibility for statements by the owner, you will therefore not be able to rely on it. All items are sold as-is. If the description or photos do not show an accessory or a component of the item we do not have it. Please feel free to ask any questions during the auction you might have and we will attempt to answer them in time; however, once the auction is over we will not answer questions under any circumstances. Please remember that your winning bid constitutes a binding and enforceable contract, please do not bid if you are uncertain in any way." and I can find no mention of how long any guarantee is.

  2drewej 09:04 03 Apr 2007

Very Interesting ^^^^ but taking a look at their feedback is seems like others who have bought them are pleased.

I think the ones on ebay are exactly the same as the ones in pc world but just without the warranty ???
click here

  Totally-braindead 11:52 03 Apr 2007

As I said my problem is with the wording of their advert not the actual product itself. They might be absolute bargains.
I was just a bit concerned that someone seeing this might think they were brand new and they are not. They might have had a fair bit of use, they might have had virtually no use or very little, its the chance you take.
I would like to know what their warranty is, they mention they must be contacted in 5 days if you wish to return it but I couldn't see what, if any guarantee you get. For these reasons I am concerned shall we say.
Morgans which I gave a link to earlier clearly state that the cheaper PCs are second hand describing them as reworks or refurbbished and state what guarantee you get whether it is 30 days 3 months or 6 months.
I am not saying for a moment that the people doing the selling are selling poor quality goods or anything its just the wording could be better and I personally would like a clear statement of what, if any, guarantee there is.
For those on a very tight budget the ones I looked at would be good buys as long as they didn't break down.

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