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Using a treadmill for a disabled person?

  compumac 09:42 03 Mar 2018

I have a disabled daughter who walks with the aid of a stick/walking frame and she does fall easily if not using a stick or the walker.

I just wonder as to the use of a basic treadmill as an aid to walking as well as for general exercise. Any views out there from anybody with a similar scenario?

  Housten 12:57 22 Mar 2018

Morning, compumac, I was diagnosed as needing a triple bypass and was told I had to do some 2 miles a day. That was last December and out walking was very cold, so I bought a treadmill from Tesco's which was less that £155 and have used virtually every day since. it has speeds of 1 to 10 kph and is horizontal at all times. Speed is set manually and can be changed whilst walking.

Best of luck, whatever you decide.

  Jonathan Dews 13:08 17 May 2018

Hi. I am looking for the same sort of thing as I have a neurological condition,Friedrich's Ataxia, which affects my balance. I have just come across a treadmill which might be suitable (see link below). It is expensive but might be worth it click here

  Jonathan Dews 13:17 17 May 2018

P.S. Have just found this much cheaper option. I found it by googling 'rehabilitation treadmill' click here

  wee eddie 13:55 17 May 2018

Jonathan: Unless you are totally housebound, you might like to think of this.

The lower priced treadmill would pay for a more than a years Membership to one of the national Fitness Clubs which usually have a swimming bath as well. Local Council Baths and Fitness Clubs are frequently cheaper

I am member of the local branch of Bannantynes and pay about £40 each month. They have a 20 metre swimming pool as well as all the usual Gym Machines. They have frequent Membership offers and might allow you a trial period, to see if it suits you

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