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Using a treadmill for a disabled person?

  compumac 09:42 03 Mar 2018

I have a disabled daughter who walks with the aid of a stick/walking frame and she does fall easily if not using a stick or the walker.

I just wonder as to the use of a basic treadmill as an aid to walking as well as for general exercise. Any views out there from anybody with a similar scenario?

  Aitchbee 11:29 03 Mar 2018

A GP referral for your daughter to attend a local keep-fit gym might be a good way to find out what's on offer ... if circumstances allow and of course if she's up-for-it. She should also get a discount on the normal fees at the gym. Good Luck.

  compumac 11:52 03 Mar 2018


Thanks for that. She in actual fact does attend a local fitness club every week and has improved her abilities enormously since doing so. However their treadmills are for the fit people and not suitable for her to even to try.

I was thinking more of a basic unit that she could use every day at home, as and when she feels up to it.

Your input is appreciated.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 12:05 03 Mar 2018

I have no personal experience on which to base any advice, but you might want to take a look at this.

and this.

  compumac 12:49 03 Mar 2018


Thanks for your input. I have no qualms about purchasing an item, but as you see from your links these items are not cheap and could be a waste of money, which is why I hope that someone with a similar situation might comment on this post.

However I do thank you for your input as all views are appreciated.

  hastelloy 15:38 03 Mar 2018

I would ask Social Services for a referral to an Occupational Therapist. They will not what is suitable and available and may be able to get something on loan.

  compumac 16:36 03 Mar 2018


Thanks for that.

She had seen an occupational therapist on two separate periods, but they were some years ago now. I had not thought of that approach in respect of a treadmill as she had used parallel bars whilst with them, - will give it a try on Monday. Thanks for the idea.

  wee eddie 17:11 03 Mar 2018

Does she like swimming

  compumac 19:17 03 Mar 2018

wee eddie

Daughter would have difficulty in entering swimming pool. But thanks for thought.

  wee eddie 20:09 03 Mar 2018

Our local pool has a hoist. Ayr in Scotland and my mother used the hoist that the public baths in Bath

  compumac 20:34 03 Mar 2018

Basically the problem is with walking and the exercises associated with walking. I am considering a treadmill for shear convenience to use as and when.

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