Using a copied XP cd - illegal?

  Eagie 21:40 24 Mar 2003

I want to re-install windows xp on my system but don't want to use the System Restore software that came with my Packard Bell PC. This software installs drivers and software that I don't want on my system as I have changed my motherboard and graphics card and I won't to avoid any possible conflicts or incompatibility issues (my system is unstable at the moment and this is my last throw of the dice!).

Would it be legal for me to use a copied windows XP cd - obviously using my own licence number? I have tried to find a copied cd on Ebay and QXL but can only find an XP Pro cd for £8 - but this WOULD be illegal as I don't have a licence sticker for that. Any suggestions where I may get a CD from?


  VoG™ 22:11 24 Mar 2003

I sympathise but what you are proposing is illegal.

You need to buy a copy of the software if you want to remain squeaky clean.

  ams4127 22:13 24 Mar 2003

I think it would be illegal, but I see your problem.

I have to admit that I have done more or less the same thing. I have an old Sony laptop on which I wanted to install XP Pro. I didn't know if it would work or not. So the last time I was in Thailand I picked up a copy of XP Pro for about a fiver and installed it on the laptop. Having found that everything worked, I removed it, reformatted, bought the full product, installed it and destroyed the Thai copy.

Illegal - probably. Practical - yes.

I have a feeling I'm going to get slated for this!

  Djohn 22:15 24 Mar 2003

I'm not completely sure on this, so until someone who knows for definite gives a reply, I will try to answer.

I assume that the licence number you have, is what is called a multi user licence, this is because it is part of the set-up disk, supplied by your dealer.

If this is correct and you want to load Win xp on it's own, then you will need to purchase a new disk and licence. This will then need to be activated to your machine.

  Djohn 22:17 24 Mar 2003

Sorry VoG™ and ams4127, you both replied while I was typing! :o(

  ams4127 22:19 24 Mar 2003

No worries!

  powerless 22:24 24 Mar 2003

It's illegal...

Anyway, "Copied" your problem would be at activation...

  Eagie 22:28 24 Mar 2003

Don't I own the licence tho? I only want to install it on one machine - the one that has it on already. Obviously I will go through the usual activation procedure and use all the details on the sticker on said machine.

I am not tyring to put it on another computer or make multiple copies.

  Djohn 22:29 24 Mar 2003


I think I have understood this correctly. My apologies if not!

I have a legal O/S of Win xp Pro. on my PC and it is activated, but you may borrow my CD and install it on your PC to trial for thirty days, (You can't activate it because I have).

If at the end of the trial you decide you don't like it, then you remove it. (It will stop working anyway), but if you decide you like XP, then you purchase your own copy with licence, and instead of formatting your drive, phone M/S with your key number and activate over the phone.

Think I've got it right. J.

  Eagie 22:30 24 Mar 2003

Forgot to say, I have been through activation before - the system restore prog doesn't just create a hard drive image. It installs XP as new but then goes on to put in the drivers etc that I don't want.

  powerless 22:35 24 Mar 2003

Sorry eagie i know what you mean all those unwanted "things" on the disc.

But you own just the once licence to use one copy of XP.

You would need a product key. But not the one that came with your computer. The one with the "Copied" XP. Also if the "Copied" XP was activated you wouldnt get pass the activation. You would be able to use XP for 30 days then you need the activation code.

It's like me lending you my XP CD, installing XP on your machine - that would be illegal.

You would get stuck at activation.


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