Useless Win 2k OS.

  Bowsprit 00:39 23 May 2004

Bought this from Ebuyer as OEM XP 2k + SP4 OS.Cannot load video card,mobo,modem drivers and all other software because of missing dll's etc.

Went into sfc /scannow to try and repair and it asked for SP4 disk which i don't have.Tried with Win 2K CD but some dll's or kernals were missing.

Tried to go on internet to load SP4 myself but drivers won't load bacause of missing OS files.

Tried it on two different computers but same results.I know this is software and i've opened it but the CD is corrupt and therefore useless. Anyone know how i stand with Ebuyer as this was pretty expensive.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:24 23 May 2004

If the CD is corrupt, you may well be able to get a replacement CD. Getting a refund will be difficult but it will depend on the terms of the sale.

The OS itself is actually very good; it is stable and less resource hungry than XP. Having a quad boot of 98SE, Win2k, Suse8.2 Pro and XP, I find that 2k is the best.

  Bowsprit 09:31 23 May 2004

Will send message to Ebuyer today asking for refund/replacement.Before i do this can you tellme where i can view updates in windows to see if SP4 loaded.Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:36 23 May 2004

Go to the Windows Update site, and click on Product Updates. Choose "Yes" when prompted to allow your computer to be checked. The "Select Software" page should then be displayed. For a concise view of which files have been updated, click on the button called "Installation History." This will give you a quick list of the Updates applied, and the date they were applied. You should also be able to click on a button called "Show Installed Updates" to display the updates that have already been installed on your computer (they will be mixed in with the updates that have not been installed - look to the right of the description for the status).

Or use Everest click here

Or right click on my computer and choose properties - that will give the basic info.

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