Used Epson Ink Cartridges

  Ancient Learner 21:02 17 Jul 2005

I used to have a HP printer that used about 6 cartridges a year.

Now I have a Epson R200. I seem to be getting through them at a great rate, and in less than a month have used 3 and 2 more won't last much longer. Getting them from Choice means that they are a reasonable price and this usage is working out much cheaper than the HP. I suppose that the number of cartridges is due to their small size.

Now what I really want to know is, what am I supposed to do with this pile of used cartridges?

  the stud 21:43 17 Jul 2005

well i also had this problem however,
i now take them to the local charity shop ie
( red cross or oxfam )

  spuds 23:09 17 Jul 2005

Why not try and refill your own.Can be cheaper in the long run,and very interesting.

I use Lexmark printers, and one of their original cartridges cost approx £20.00, compatibles about £13.00. Own refill about £1.50 per cartridge.

You will find that compatible [re-used]cartridges have very little or no value when handed in to charity shops etc. The compatible refill companies prefare originals.

  exdragon 08:56 18 Jul 2005

Send for some free Tonerdonor envelopes, they are prepaid, so fill 'em up and send 'em off. You can pick a charity to support.

click here or tel 0845 458 8855

If the link isn't right, put tonerdoner into google - when I put in the proper click here, I got somewhere totally different

  exdragon 08:56 18 Jul 2005

Oh well, I got the 'click here' bit right, but the tel no is 0845 458 8822!

  exdragon 08:59 18 Jul 2005

On second thoughts, the envelope doesn't list Epson - I've emailed them to see if they can accept them

  pj123 14:26 18 Jul 2005

Unfortunately, no one that I know of will accept Epson cartridges for recycling. I have a friend who still puts all of his Epson cartridges in the recycling bin in Sainsbury's. What happens to them after that I don't know. Most Epson cartridges are now chipped so if you go down the refill route you will also need to get a chip resetter. I gave up refilling a long time ago due the mess. I get my cartridges from Choice for my R200 as well. I do quite a bit of photo printing and normal black text only printing. My cartridges last longer than a month though.

  Sapins 15:10 18 Jul 2005

SVP have 2 sets for R200 £8-99. Good deals for other printers as well.

click here

  Ancient Learner 15:25 18 Jul 2005

Many thanks for the information.

It seems that the cartridges will have to go in the dustbin.

I wonder if the Choice cartridges last longer than Epson's. I'll have to keep check.

Now I'll try and post this. This is the 4th attempt. The others failed to cause any activity at all, as the site just sort of died on me!

  spuds 18:33 18 Jul 2005

Regarding the Choice compatibles lasting longer, I would say that they may have slightly more content. I asked this question question about Lexmark compatibles,but Choice decided to ignore my email!.

Reference to Epson and chipping, I visited my local Curry's store last Friday, and purchased the last two JR Universal Zap-It cartridge chip resetter's, as a clearance offer £9.99 down to 97pence [yes 97p].Seems as though people are just not experimenting and refilling their own cartridges!.

  radi8or 19:03 18 Jul 2005

Ancient Learner

click here do ink refiller kits and a universal chip resetter for

Regards Bob

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