USB2, the truth..............

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:50 24 Jun 2004

Quoted from Arstechnica........'Unfortunately, the phrase "USB 2.0" does not necessarily mean 480Mbps of throughput. USB 2.0 now has three different signaling rates: Low Speed (1.5Mbps), Full Speed (12Mbps), and Hi-Speed (480Mbps). The marketing and advertising departments of product manufacturers like to put the words "USB 2.0" on all of their product packages. This can be really deceptive since most consumers will see USB 2.0 and compare it to an older product with the USB 1.1 moniker and think "USB2 must be better than USB 1.1!" Naturally, the consumer is unaware of the difference between "Full Speed" and "High Speed" (this is something akin to the old naming snafu with floppy disks: does "double density" or "high density" hold more?).'

You have now been warned.


  ventanas 10:09 24 Jun 2004

Yep, I have two identical Canon scanners that claim to be USB2. One is connected to a pc with a USB2 port, the other to one with 1.1

There is no difference in the speed. Could be down to the CCD though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:44 24 Jun 2004

There will not be any speed increase when using a scanner as the mechanics takes yonks to fire up. You will only notice the speed increase when video-editing or backing up files larger then 2 Gb. Same with printing, no difference in USB1 or 2.


  €dstowe 14:23 24 Jun 2004

Thanks for that, O Great One.

I've been trying to convince people for ages that their USB 2 gizmo, whether that be scanner, printer or one of several others is, because of mechanical considerations, so intrinsically slow that it matters not one atom if it is USB1, 1·1 or 2.

  Dragon Heart 00:05 25 Jun 2004

It's the same old story GANDALF <|:-)>, give a product big numbers and it will sell. Some scanners offer 36 bits per pixel in colour that's 68 Billion colours, but the human eye is not that good !

  powerless 00:28 25 Jun 2004

But, But, But...

What's the rush anyway?

  zaach 12:04 25 Jun 2004

Using a Canon scanner on a USB 2 connection at least stops it screaming at you whenever you start it that you are using a high speed device on a slow connection!!

  961 20:09 25 Jun 2004

I gave up some time ago

I'm glad if it just works

Have to say that if I bought something that was Full Speed and it turned out not to be the full two penn'orth (i.e. Hi-speed) I would be mighty miffed

  comsuppwor 21:47 27 Jun 2004

<|:-)> Oh Great and mighty Wizard,
Or, cheers mate. I was just wondering if it was worth spending a few hard earned to go "USB 2.00"
When I saw you,re letter.Saved by the white again.

  comsuppwor 21:49 27 Jun 2004

I hope the <| don,t get to tight with all these praises.

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