USB hubs - nb Gandalf

  bruce 14:24 02 Jan 2003
  bruce 14:24 02 Jan 2003

Gandalf esp., seeing as you were looking at hubs recently...
any thoughts on a decent cheap one? stick to a known name like Belkin or...?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:27 02 Jan 2003

Not got round to it yet but will soon sort it. Belkin, although not the cheapest, are good quality and have loads of different configurations so there seems to be no contest.


  rickf 15:53 02 Jan 2003

I got a 4 port one from Trust over a year ago and its has function admirably to date.

  northamuk 16:16 02 Jan 2003

Go for a 7 Port one (Belkin are £29.99 in PCW) a 4 Port one is only about a fiver less. Powered of course!.

  Stuartli 17:40 02 Jan 2003

That's a good price, although I did pay only £18 for a powered four-port model (Chinese?) at a computer fair. Works splendidly and was only £3 more than a non-powered alternative.

  lamachan 18:36 02 Jan 2003

I bought a Belkin $ port powered USB hub from Jungle for about £20 and it works well. Beware though that some peripheral manufacturers do not advise connecting via a hub. Anybody any info on this?

  Forum Editor 18:52 02 Jan 2003

(powered ones), and they have never let me down.

I haven't personally seen any peripheral manufacturers recommending against connecting via a hub, although you should think twice before running an Alcatel ADSL modem through one. These modems are power hogs, and it's best to connect them directly to the onboard USB port.

  Stuartli 01:02 03 Jan 2003

Further to the FE's comment, the advice I was given was that you should never connect a scanner through a hub, only direct, otherwise you could have serious problems.

So I connected my Agfa 1212u direct to one of my two USB system ports and attached the hub to the second. I run a digital camera and web cam off the powered hub and have had no problems (touch wood). There are still two ports available if I need them.

  bruce 15:11 03 Jan 2003

Uggh. I have a USB printer/scanner and an Alcatel USB modem and want the extra USB port(s) for a prospective budget digital camera.
What if I went for a USB PCI card?

  Nickg 15:49 03 Jan 2003

All things are possible

click here for cards

click here for hubs

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