USB flash/mp3/fm radio - is there such a thing?

  May$ 10:57 18 Dec 2003

Does anyone know of any good usb flash drives that can have multi functional use?

I'd like one with built in mp3 and radio(although its unlikely there is one with both). I hate having to use floppys which are totally unreliable and slow.

I'd be interested in purchasing one which has an reasonable amount of memory(64MB or more)


  Stuartli 16:09 18 Dec 2003
  Stuartli 16:10 18 Dec 2003

Nothing new under the sun...:-)

Last link price is £160.

  May$ 20:30 18 Dec 2003

Cheers Stuart!!

Ill start lookin around

  Al94 12:18 19 Dec 2003

click here
A friend of mine bought one of these, loads of them on ebay. Its a nice piece of kit and works well

  Hyperangelic 14:59 19 Dec 2003

I quite fancy one of these for Christmas!

click here

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