USB 2.0 printers?

  Kate B 13:54 23 Jan 2003
  Kate B 13:54 23 Jan 2003

I'm in the market for a new printer for my shiny new PC - does anyone know if there are any printers out there with a USB 2.0 connection? I haven't been able to unearth any ...

  fudge 14:22 23 Jan 2003

USB 2 is still pretty new, so choice will be limited and probably more expensive. Don't forget all USB 1.0 printers will be compatible with your USB 2.0. You can always upgrade when there is more choice.

  €dstow 14:28 23 Jan 2003

The current printing processes will not be able to utilise the speed advantages of USB2 so I doubt that there will be much enthusiasm to develop this.


  Kate B 15:39 23 Jan 2003

I did wonder if printing would be able to take advantage of the faster interface ... thanks, guys.

  €dstow 15:45 23 Jan 2003

Don't think so because of the finite time for the actual printing process, whether jetting the ink or spreading the toner or whatever together with mechanically moving the paper/printheads and so on. These are VERY slow in comparison with the operating speed of even USB1.1 that it does hardly seem worthwhile to promote to USB2.


  jazzypop 15:48 23 Jan 2003

There are quite a few - try 'review printer usb2' as a search phrase in Google.

click here

click here

  €dstow 16:16 23 Jan 2003

jazzypops suggestions don't alter anything I wrote and just because these printers have this capability doesn't mean that they work faster. It may be that you have to pay extra for a USB2 facility that doesn't do anything. If there is no on-cost then obviously no problem!


  jazzypop 17:03 23 Jan 2003

I never suggested that it did :)

I was simply responding to the question, not making a judgement as to whether a USB 2.0 printer is a worthwhile investment or not.

Are there any USB 2.0 printers out there? Yes.

Is it worthwhile specifying one instead of a USB 1.1 version? You have given your views (which I have not challenged).

  €dstow 18:20 23 Jan 2003

I wasn't criticising jazzypop's answer or inferring that he had written anything incorrect.

My point was that one shouldn't spend extra money (if indeed it does cost extra) on a USB2 capability.

USB1.1 will function if plugged into USB2.


  Incy 18:37 23 Jan 2003

I've recently purchased a HP Deskjet 6122 which is USB2 compliant. I only have a USB1.1 board but everything works fine and couldn't be happier with the printer, even comes with an automatic duplexer for saving paper and creating clever docs.


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