shellship 17:54 11 Feb 2005

At last I have decided that backing up to CDRW is a bind and I will get an external HD to do so. The forum seems to come down totally in favour of Maxtor plus Acronis so that is where I will go but.... my Dell 8200 is before the days of USB2 and I will need to buy a PCI USB2 card as well. There seems to be lots on the market. Any advice out there please on the most reliable. I don't need Firewire or anything else fancy.

  fuzzyone 18:04 11 Feb 2005

click here

shellship, good, reliable, and cheap.

  penholder 21:38 11 Feb 2005

I bought from click here
£10.95 incl VAT and delivery.
No problems.

  krypt1c 10:20 12 Feb 2005

I go with penholder. I got the same card, same price, same supplier. Excellent service as well.

  jakimo 00:47 13 Feb 2005

The most reliable usb2 pci cards have a nec chip set,the cheap cards usually have a via chip set,and there are many reports that these have compatibility as well as reliability problems...suggest you look at belkin

  freaky 13:18 13 Feb 2005

I have 2 Belkin USB2 PCI Cards in one of my computers, they work fine with no compatibility problems.

Suggest, if you buy one, to get one with the most
USB2 Ports as this will be useful in the future.

Especially if you buy any future hardware that is USB2. USB2 has a 50x times higher transfer rate than USB1.

  shellship 17:28 13 Feb 2005

Thanks to you all for such helpful responses. 4 port Belkin it will probably be.

  Modo 17:31 13 Feb 2005

Off your actual question but related to your purchase detail.

The Maxtor external hdd comes with Dantz Retrospect One Touch. It is slightly tricky in that you get the full screen but limited functionality. However it works really well so you don't really need to buy Acronis as well. (see thread on here discussing the issue)

If you go for an internal hdd the retail version of Maxtor drives should come with MaxBlaster which again is pretty good. Even if it you buy OEM you can download the software from Maxtor's website. Make sure you download Cd not floppy version.

Acronis can be downloaded much more cheaply from US websites than you can buy it from the web or retail in the UK. It will be even cheaper if you have a VAT registration number that you can enter to avoid being charged VAT!

  Modo 17:38 13 Feb 2005

Don't waste your hard earned money on Belkin. You are paying for packaging!

Look at Amazon, Tekheads, Savastore, RL or even go into Maplin. You'll get the same thing for a fraction of the Belkin price.

As jakimo says just make sure you get the one with NEC chipset not the via chipset. Price is no discriminator on the chipset used. SIIG make great cards. You could even consider adding SATA or Firewire on the same card for not much more than you would pay for a Belkin USB card at PC World.

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