URGENT - Should I buy a PC from Palicomp?

  Saetana 10:03 18 Jun 2010

Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section but this seemed the best out of the choices available.

I have finally scraped together enough money for a new desktop PC (full system with monitor) and had almost definitely decided to go with a Computer Shopper Budget Best Buy system from Palicomp, their Carbon AMD TFT-19 at £400. I did a search for reviews and found some ebay guides on Palicomp - 9 of them, all but one of which were negative. Has anyone any experience of this company and the reliability of their products and customer service?

I also saw somewhere that they charge 4% for payment by credit or debit card which could be a deal breaker in itself but I will check that out myself on their website. How exactly would they like me to pay for it? I, like many others, no longer have a chequebook.

Any other recommendations for buying my new PC would be very much appreciated - I have £500 absolute maximum to spend and want 4GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card for definite (doesn't have to be anything fancy, I only play casual games of the Big Fish/Wild Tangent variety). The jury is still out with me on whether to buy dual or quad core - I was going for the Palicomp system because it was highly recommended for the price. I am a heavy internet user and do a lot of online gaming.

Sorry about the urgent but I need to make a decision on this ASAP as my old PC is on its last legs, blue screens on a regular basis and I don't want to have to reformat it again this close to getting a new one.

Any help with either of these issues would be gratefully received.

  cheeky-chap 10:50 18 Jun 2010

- i have never heard of this compny before, but it doesnt look good if all the comment you have read are negative. Normally you get a mixture although what you must remember is it is the angry customers who are more inclined to voice there opinion on forums like these. I would be put off by the 4% credit card charge, that seems a little excessive.

My last computer was purchased from cube247 - they have some good budget systems,and you can emmend the spec to what you need which could bring the price down further. For example i wanted a system that was advertised with a 2000GB hard disk which is a bit big so asked them to drop it to a 1000GB.

If you need a pc quickly they do have a range for next day delivery which may be useful. Hope you manage to find what you want.!

  Saetana 11:22 18 Jun 2010

Thanks cheeky-chap, I have to admit all the bad responses were on ebay specifically and, like people have pointed out, it does tend to be annoyed customers who post. I will give Cube a look but I vaguely recall them not having anything quite cheap enough - the £500 needs to include delivery as well.

  Saetana 11:33 18 Jun 2010

Okay I have just had a quote from Cyberpower for a suitable PC and they have a good reputation so I've decided to give Palicomp a miss.

  The Kestrel 16:34 18 Jun 2010

Many of us on this forum would also recommend Cougar Extreme click here having bought PCs from them. Try getting an online quote from them for the same set as as Cyberpower are offering.

  Matt Egan 10:43 21 Jun 2010

that the finding only negative reviews of a vendor doesn't mean that they are a 'bad' company. As several people have pointed out, disappointed customers tend to be the only ones who voice their opinion, and making and selling PCs for a living is such a complicated business that there will always be the odd disatisfied customer.

For the record, PC Advisor has in the past and contiunues to review Palicomp PCs, which means that we have checked out the company and it is legitimate and above board. (Which is not to say that we endorse it in any way, just that we are happy that Palicomp is a properly regulated going concern with the wherewithal to fulfil orders.)

Finally, for anyone looking to buy a PC, can I point you in the direction of our desktop PC reviews: click here

  birdface 09:19 12 Jan 2011

Just wondered maybe it would have been best sticking to your first choice.

click here

I take it you never looked at the reviews first.

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