urgent help needed please pc has a tracker on it ?

  paulhis777 13:20 15 Sep 2015

hello please may i have some advice my home was raided by police last week and they have taken my sons PC but left ours here we where away at the time of the entry so don't know what they did ? they left our PC here but since we got home noticed our PC acting strange when i go onto a page it goes totally blank for a few seconds then opens been using a PC now for some 20 years this i have never seen and pages opening i have not opened ? yahoo for one which i have never used in my life my son was arrested so i`m in contact with his solicitor with emails so just wondering would they of put a device in my PC ? or some tracker we have never been in any crime so are very shocked about our sons arrest we are a law abiding family so if he has done something wrong he has to take the punishment but just concerned about our PC if anyone can help any suggestions to any sites that can advise us thank you Paul

  spuds 13:34 15 Sep 2015

"so just wondering would they of put a device in my PC ?"

Have you discussed this with the solicitor, because I cannot see any reason for the police to take one computer away, and leave (what you suggest) a possible tracking device on the one they left behind.

You could possibly do a few checks yourself, by running any 'anti' programmes you have installed on the computer. By 'anti', i mean general security or protection like Avast, ADW, SuperAntiSpyware or similar. This simple system of checks might help with your concerns!.

Regarding your son's activities, then again your solicitor should have any answers to the reasons why. As he been downloading or distributing things that perhaps he should not have done?.

  Forum Editor 09:55 16 Sep 2015

It would surprise me if the Police have placed a tracking device on your computer, but I suppose it's possible. If they want to monitor your internet activity they have the power to do it without entering your house, so I don't see why they would need to do anything to your computer.

Why don't you talk to them, and see what they say?

  lotvic 10:59 16 Sep 2015

It's possible that your son or any friends he's had round has used your pc whilst you were away and inadvertently got a browser re-direct installed. If so here's and explanation and how to remove for free click here

  spuds 11:17 16 Sep 2015

I would perhaps point out,with a little further help and advice, that some of the programmes in the great link provided by lotvic are perhaps time limited trial options, with payment due. In the main you can use these, but limitations might apply, plus you might receive regular pop-ups to purchase.

This though should not stop you using or trying to see if there is anything lurking on your computer. Also follow the instruction for each programme, because their individual results might be different to each other.

  lotvic 12:10 16 Sep 2015

spuds, thanks for pointing that out, the one at step 5 can be skipped - not seen that one before and it seems to be a 15 day trial then ask for money back. Not good. All the other programs mentioned are well known and trusted.

I'll have to check out new source of free guides, don't want anyone to be caught out. Probably go back to BleepingComputer it seems to be the best site for guides but can be hard to navigate to what you want.

  paulhis777 12:52 04 Oct 2015

thank you all its no annoying ever page we visit goes black for around 5 seconds then comes back on we haven't done anything wrong thank you paul

  paulhis777 13:14 04 Oct 2015

hello just visited Bleeping Computer so much they what should i download any advice please thanks Paul

  spuds 13:18 04 Oct 2015

Did you take any notice of any of the programmes in the lotvic link, and suggestions made there. Because since you original first post and request, you haven't responded since?.

Go to that link, then download ADW Cleaner and Malwarebytes-Anti Malware, and run both them programmes individually, then see if they find anything. Then come back and let us know if anything shows up, after the checks have been completed.

  paulhis777 15:22 04 Oct 2015

sorry about that did not know i had to click click here downloaded the adw cleaner and run scan do you want to see the log file ? or should i click cleaning thanks paul

  spuds 15:38 04 Oct 2015

Click cleaning, then run again, to see if the same results appear.

If you think the file log is important, then post.

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