URGENT!! Aol and 2 pc,s

  wolfie3000 11:47 10 Jul 2007

Need to sort this asap,

Basicly i am getting a second computer and want to have it on broadband,

I phoned aol to setup a second account for the second pc and was told i would need to buy a router for it, £55

So how do i get around this?

I basicly want both pc,s in my house on broadband, but i dont want to spend £55 on a router.

Is there an isp that can give me at least 2MB b.b. speed and run two pc,s from it, also supplies all the kit i need too?

  Diemmess 11:57 10 Jul 2007

No need for a separate a/c if you use a wireless router.

I have a son also using Aol who did just what you want to do.
He's a bit of a clever-clogs in his own way. Bought the router for a lot less than £55 and had no trouble setting it up.

From memory I think you need to be careful which router you buy, obviously Aol will not help you sidestep their wishes!

  wolfie3000 11:59 10 Jul 2007

ok cool so how do i do what you said?

  wolfie3000 12:01 10 Jul 2007

i REALLY need to sort this out by around 3pm so i will be watching this thread all day.

I have a router but not wireless, its a safecom 2 port combo adsl 2/2+ modem router if that helps.

  pj123 12:15 10 Jul 2007

If you already have a router then all you need now is a wireless adapter for your second PC.

I use a Belkin USB adapter on my second PC.

For some ideas,: click here

  pj123 12:19 10 Jul 2007

Some more here:

click here

The one I have is the 3rd one down Belkin F5D7050.

  wolfie3000 12:45 10 Jul 2007

I hate all this router bussiness, :(

ok well having looked at the wireless router, i have a question,

Surely i will need a second thingy to plug into the second computer, what i mean is if one pc has a wireless router attached then the second pc needs a reciever of somekind?

i really dont wanna screw this up but as some may know im hopeless when it comes to this sort of thing.

ok here it is simpley put,

I have two pc,s and a aol internet connection what hard ware do i need to get in order to get both pc,s online?

Make me a shopping list of ALL that i need to get in order to do this through aol, as aol seem reluctant to tell me how to do it.

  Rigga 13:18 10 Jul 2007

I take it both PC's have Network cards, in them.

And your current PC is connected to the internet through a network cable from the PC into the router?

If so surely it's just a case of plugging the second PC into your existing router with an ethernet (Network) cable.

And Bob's your dad's brother.


  wolfie3000 13:20 10 Jul 2007

the first pc indeed has a network card but doesnt use the router i have as i dont know anything about it, so its running on a dsl modem.

I cant get this wrong i HAVE to get this workinfgt asas, failure isnt an option.

  driving man 13:34 10 Jul 2007

AOL doesnt admit it but you can run a network on silver--dont pay more than £9.99 a month--I have a wifi laptop and put a dongle into one of my desktops usb port. Wireless router is a Netgear and has good range

  wolfie3000 13:38 10 Jul 2007

great to hear,

But all i need is two things,

1 a list of EVERYTHING i need (hardware,

2 instructions on how to get all the kit (2 pc;s and routers ect...) working so both pc,s can go online.

Thats it,

Sorry if i sound annoyed but im at my wits end and its really fustrating not knowing anything about this and having to do it,

I have no choice but to make this work, i cant fail and im on a time limit.

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