UPVC windows and doors - two questions

  Graham. 23:46 14 Oct 2009

1) Why is the reflection from them distorted?

2) How do you fix alarm contacts if you are not allowed to drill holes?

  Forum Editor 00:05 15 Oct 2009

1. The distortion that is sometimes apparent is cause by the glass panels flexing slightly as the external air pressure changes, and in doing so compresses the Argon gas inside the unit. It's far more noticeable on large units, such as those used in patio doors.

2. You are allowed to drill holes - you just have to take great care not to let the drill tip run into the edge of one of the toughened glass panels. If it does, the panel will shatter into thousands of tiny fragments.

  jakimo 00:16 15 Oct 2009
  Graham. 00:22 15 Oct 2009

1) Oh, they are pressurised. I didn't know that.

2) I was led to believe that if you drilled holes it would invalidate the warranty. I'm using HD door contacts from Maplins to get round the physical restraints, attached with double sided adhesive tape. Superglue may be a long term solution. Anyone else had problems with door contacts?

  Graham. 00:28 15 Oct 2009

Good links, thanks. I found the standard door contacts were too far apart to function, the HD ones did the job.

  Forum Editor 00:32 15 Oct 2009

it's that they are sealed, so the internal pressure can't equalise with the external barometric pressure. As barometric pressure rises and falls the glass panels will flex slightly, and distort reflections.

There comes a point where, as the size of the units increases the thickness of the glass sheets also increases. It's not unusual to have roof-lights with 10mm thick toughened and/or laminated glass, for instance, and this doesn't flex quite as much.

  Graham. 00:37 15 Oct 2009

Thanks for that, questions answered.

  hssutton 13:11 15 Oct 2009

Silicone make an excellent adhesive. I use it for my wireless doorbell push button

  Graham. 15:22 15 Oct 2009

Thanks, silicone could be another possibility.

  spuds 17:30 15 Oct 2009

We have used both screw and glue methods on upvc frames. If you are going to use 'break glass' contacts, then glue, blue tack or strong hold double sided tape.

Before you fix, make sure that the location is correct (open and close door fully). You may find that some internal magnets have a larger contact range.

Surprised Maplins didn't recommend a way plus parts!.

  BT 17:34 15 Oct 2009

Sellotape Outdoor Sticky Fixers will hold most things to almost any surface.

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