Upload Speed and Download speed good or bad?

  ChakkaFTW 16:42 11 Dec 2015

So I just did a speed test and got 347 MBPS download speed, 5 ping, and 665 MPBS upload speed. I was wondering if that was good, or if that is bad. Any help?

  Nontek 16:48 11 Dec 2015

Nowhere near enough information on which to base a sensible opinion.

Describe your computer as fully as possible and state method of using Internet, and what Provider/Modem etc.

  john bunyan 16:48 11 Dec 2015

What is specified by your ISP? I assume it is fibre as I get only 8mbps on ADSL - perfectly adequate for my requirements. Why do you need such speeds?

  Nontek 16:55 11 Dec 2015

For instance - I have BT Infinity Broadband giving me Download 72.76 Mb/s and Upload 19,12 Mb/s ...... these figures are considered quite Fast!!

  ChakkaFTW 17:01 11 Dec 2015

@Nontek Um It is an Ethernet cable running from some type of computer. Idk it's a school one so I couldn't tell you exactly.

  tullie 17:01 11 Dec 2015

Think you have got your figures wrong

  john bunyan 17:04 11 Dec 2015

What country? Is this a school, or commercial installation, or for home use? Please, as others have asked, give full details.

  Nontek 17:06 11 Dec 2015


I suggest that you have a word with your schools' IT engineer or instructor, "Ethernet cable from some kind of computer" means absolutely nothing.

As tullie says, you have your figures wrong.

  ChakkaFTW 17:06 11 Dec 2015

It's a public school, southern United States, and I can guarantee you the figures are not wrong. I did a couple speed tests to make sure the figures were correct and they were

  john bunyan 17:11 11 Dec 2015

Well then the answer is the figures are good and exceed anything you would get at home in many parts of the world. What are you using your PC for ? I cannot think of any application that really needs such speeds, unless there are many users sharing the outlet. What is your concern?

  Nontek 17:19 11 Dec 2015

I have noe idea of what Internet System you have in the Southern USofA, but the Ethernet cable you mentioned (coming from some kind of computer) will in fact be connected to the Schools' IT System via a Modem or similar.

Click here This should give you a lot of useful in formation regard Internet Connection Systems - though probably different than here in the UK.

Good luck.

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