Upload my Sony Hi8 tape to my PC ?

  teza19 18:18 10 Oct 2014

Hi folks, I have decided to take my old Sony DCR-TVR120E Digital 8 handycam out of mothballs and I want to film my grandson performing stunts on his stunt scooter (he is totally nuts). Having captured the footage I would then like to upload it to my PC but unfortunately I don't have any idea how to do it. I'm running Windows7 64bit. Kind Regards Terry (Newbie)

  100andthirty 20:50 10 Oct 2014

I used to use a Sony Digital 8 camera. It had a Firewire socket. Sony had another name for it - iLink. In general, if you can get a Firewire interface on your computer, you ought to be able to connect the camera to the computer and then control the camera from whatever capture software you use. I copied into Sony Movie Studio from my TRV - 320.

If you need it this is a link to the manual.

click here

  Woolwell 20:57 10 Oct 2014

I had a Sony and used Firewire (iLink) to capture the video and the edit it. Many smartphones are better at it nowadays.

  BT 09:02 11 Oct 2014

You'll need some form of Video capture card and software to do this in real time. If you plan doing a lot, most modern Digital cameras - even the cheaper ones - have a video mode and will give better results. Failing that as Woolwell says you can use your phone but depending on the phone the results are variable. Some of the phone footage I've seen is pretty awful.

You can get a modern HD Video camera that records on SD cards for little more than £200, which is good value considering I paid over £600 for my 8mm Video camera all those years ago.

  Roadgiant 08:59 12 Oct 2014

Another way of doing it is with a USB Capture device such as EZ Cap around £20, looking at the manual for your DCR-TVR120E,(here's a link if you have lost the manual:- click here there is a AV output socket on your camcorder and a cable supplied that outputs audio/video to phono plugs which would plug into a device like an EZ Cap or similar.

I use an EZ-cap to transfer video from VCR and Virgin boxes etc and am happy with the results. RN

  Roadgiant 09:05 12 Oct 2014

Not sure why the link doesn't work to the manual, just do a search on Google and it's easy to find. RG

  BillSers 10:09 12 Oct 2014

Or you can upload to a dvd recorder which is how I did it without a firewire card.

  Roadgiant 14:15 12 Oct 2014

That will do the job, similar to the EZ Cap that I use as mentioned above in my post. Obviously with modern technology and camcorders most people including myself use SD Cards or similar so nowadays there is no need for capture cards/devices or even firewire.

There is also different software that will work with this type of device,with mine I got the Arcsoft Showbiz program, but found NCH software (free version) had more options.

There are various different types of these USB capture devices around with prices ranging from £6 upwards,I can't really comment on the others but from experience I know the EZ Cap works well for me RN

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