Upgrading my Dell optiplex from 2GB to to 4GB RAM

  georgia01 12:43 12 Nov 2015

Hi I would like to purchase a second hand computer as below but would like to upgrade the memory on it, is it possible to buy a new memory card and upgrade myself? Please see spec is below:

Intel Core 2 duo E7300 2.66GHz - 2GB DDR3 1066MHz Ram single dim - LGA775 Socket, Intel G41 Express - Slim Form Factor Case - 250GB 7200RPM HDD - Windows 7 Professional 64Bit OEM - DVD Rewriter +/- R

  Bris 15:28 12 Nov 2015

What is the model of your optiplex?

You can try to obtain a 2GB stick but to avoid problems it should be the same type and make as the existing one. Better still buy a new matching pair of 2GB sticks and discard the existing one.

As your OS is 64 bit you might consider a matching pair of 4GB sticks giving you a total of 8GB provided your Motherboard will take it. Without the model number I cant help further.

  georgia01 18:19 12 Nov 2015

Hello and thanks for your reply. I think the model is a dell optiplex 380.

  Bris 19:32 12 Nov 2015

There are 4 variants of the 380 model all of which seem to take similar modules.

According to the Corsair website 4GB seems to be the maximum for this PC.

click here

Type in the info in a box then click "go" to take you to the next box.

If you want to try a different manufacturer such as Crucial or Kingston they all offer a similar facility for finding the correct type on their websites.

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