upgrading to broadband bt or freeserve

  lupo61 23:38 06 Oct 2003

i am going to upgrade to broadband with bt or

freeserve help me choose, also i have single

telephone point with a long extentions to sky and my computor will this cause problems with broad band.
Many thanks

  Djohn 00:08 07 Oct 2003

Very difficult to help someone choose an ISP, but if you look at this site you will be able to compare all the Broadband providers for yourself. click here when you get to the site, look on the left of page and you will see a link to "Compare". You can then select as many ISP's as you wish, and compare users feedback.

When you receive you B/B kit, it will contain two filters. With your set up, you may only need to use one. Plug the filter into your main Phone socket, then the Telephone and Sky into the phone side of the filter, Your broadband cable will plug into the ADSL side of the filter and direct to your new Broadband modem. Please post back if you need more advice on the setting up of the broadband, one of the forum members will assist you. j.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 01:10 07 Oct 2003

Has it got to be Freeserve or BT ? My personal preference would be to avoid both and go for the cheaper option of Pipex, Although its a no frills service its £23.49 per month and the last time I looked they had a good deal on getting connected. I have not had any problems with them so far and have found connection to be perfect.

I run my connection on a 5 metre long cable and have absoulutely no problems whatsoever, I still get perfect connection speeds with this long cable.

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