gremlin826 20:11 11 Feb 2005

My present PC has come to the end of the road and I am going to build my next one. I have already purchased a Neo2 motherboard, Radeon x800 pro graphic card and athlon 64 3500+ (939)CPU. I need advice on the rest. I will be using the machine mainly for gaming with some home office work as well. What make / type of Ram should I go for ie Ballistix 1gb/2gb or is the extra benefit not worth the expense and try something like Crucials value select. Also what DVD writer and CD reader do you all suggest. Finally I intend buying two 160gig hard drives, has anyone got suggestions or positive experiences with a particular brand. I would be grateful for any help.

  Bleep 20:25 11 Feb 2005

Can go far worse than Crucial Balistic or Cosair Value Select click here With that CPU and board i'd be tempted to get some Crucial Balistic PC4000 click here and run that AMD64 3500 @ 2.6Ghz.

No need for 2GB with what you have specified what your using it for.

In terms of HDD I use Western Digital :click here great drives, may I ask why you need 320GB? why not buy a 74GB Raptor 10,00RPM for amazing performance, I have 2 in Raid 1 set-up and have only used 34 GB with 1000's of digital pictures and all the latest games, any way hope this helps.

  offthewall 23:03 11 Feb 2005

Being due for a PC upgrade, I took the advice of most experts and itemised my needs and any future uses and put together a specification to take to my local Computer Builders with the aim of getting a price specific to my wants.
My main current use is graphics orientated: photo-manipulation/ vector drawing/ 3D apps/ web building/ DTP, but excluding movies and games.
My future needs would include a sound card specific to recording music. I would want to carry out multi-track recording with instruments and mikes along with restoration of old records and tapes.
After reading many reviews of various kit I took this spec along to my first store.

AMD 64 3000
2 x 512 Mb DDR
120 Gb SATA 7200 HDD
DVD Rom drive
DVD Multi R/W drive (inc. software)
1.44 Floppy drive
Graphics : High spec ( to handle : photo/vector drawing/3D/animation/web building) Don’t do games
Sound : Specific ( inputs for recording multi-source sound – not bothered about fancy output)

After reading through this he said he would advise against the AMD64 in favour of P4 because of the sound recording requirement, stating that he has current customers who have this type of set-up (for sound) and are not at all happy with performance of the AMD64 in this instance.

Any opinions would be useful!

  Bleep 23:14 11 Feb 2005

The difference in P4 and AMD64 is very small at best in benchmarks but I must admit that since the 939 pin set has come out you are the first person who has posted and recommended a P4 against a AMD64, as the AMD64 3500 is proberly the best chip around at the moment for the price.

The fact he has bought a X800Pro suggests that he wants to play performance games, and AMD64's leave P4's in the dust in games and general office work and everything else other than video/sound encoding. click here

  Bleep 23:20 11 Feb 2005

Quite clearly only P4's able to keep up with AMD64's in gaming at the moment are the P4'S EE which cost more than a AMD FX55 which beats them hands down, for gaming and general use AMD all day long as for the AMD64 3500 read this and any other respected tech site review of it : click here click here

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