Fillymouskwitz 17:10 04 Jan 2005

Dear All - firstly please excuse my unforgivable lack of IT knowledge, I blame it on my parents insisting an abacus was the way forward.

I have an Evesham AXIS 1900+ AMD 512Mb DDR, 64Mb ATI RADEON 8500, 80Gb hard drive.

Am a aborn again gamer and I notice that the latest ones Im playing really are struggling, in particular Flight Sim's and Medal of Honour etc. Therefore I have finally decided to upgrade my system. I was considering updarting the graphics card and if need be the processor.

Could anyone give some advice on cheap options to do this and how difficult is it to carry out these works yourself ?

Regards and Happy New Year


  Maverick81 17:25 04 Jan 2005

Your overall system spec isnt that bad but your graphics card needs upgrading to play the latest games.

Consider purchasing a ATI 9800/se or a Nvidia 5900xt, neither of those cards are actually bleeding edge but will play all the latest games without to much a problem, neither of the cards should set you back more than £150

Hope this helps

Cheers, Mav

  Totally-braindead 17:40 04 Jan 2005

Agree with Maverick81 but the processor you have while adequate just now is getting pretty close to minimum specs for the latest games. EG Half Life 2 min 1.2ghz, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault min 1.5ghz. At the moment a new graphics card would do you nicely and enable you to play anything thats out there but considering games keep asking for more its likely that in the near future you'll need a faster processor. The options then would be, a brand new PC or a faster processor and probably new memory providing your motherboard could take it or a bundle like this click here or a bare bones system like this click here . You could then use all your existing parts including the graphics card if you wished. Bear in mind prices drop all the time and the longer you can leave it before upgrading the rest of your PC the more you'll get for your money.

  wags 17:54 04 Jan 2005

I'd suggest a 6600 GT as a good purchase: click here

You may find that the CPU becomes a 'bottle neck'and I agree with the above comments.

  rickf 18:27 04 Jan 2005

There is another thread just above you on the same issues. I suggest you read it.

  simonp1 18:50 04 Jan 2005


A born again gamer, nice to hear..especially about MOhaa

Ok, your system..well Mohaa is an open GL game their for nivida cards work better but saying that 9800pro and 9700 pro are great cards for the money..for the price you cant beat them. I wouldnt go into the 9800se they are very poor cards tbh...but a 5900 is a good card to have,

click here

Now Mohaa is also dependant on CPU power..so you might just get away with your CPU although if you know your specs of your MB and ram i can help you further..but its down to budget..how much would you want to spend and how much do you play online. I run a Mohaa clan, so i spend a fair bit online, so investing for me is worth it

  Fillymouskwitz 22:57 05 Jan 2005

Thanks very much for the advice guys. I just hope I don't get electrified when trying to cellotape all this stuff in. Have no fear I'll wear rubber souls and my widow will bill you for fresh linen should I beglect to earth myself.



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