Updating Graphics Card

  Fes 14:44 31 Jul 2003

I am looking at updating my graphic's card (currently Matrox Millennium G400 AGP 2x), as I'm going to upgrade my Motherboard to a Abit IC7G (AGP supports 8x/4x) and don't know if the two are compatible. My OS is Win98.

I'm not a big gamer, but I do use a lot of graphics (Quark/Photoshop/Corel), and would like to be able to support animation and video in the future. At the moment my system crawls along. In a previous disscussion thread I see the ATI FireGL 880 was recommended for a CAD user, and this looked quite good, but it only seems to support OS for XP and Win2000.

Can anyone suggest something that suits my purpose. Obviously I want everything that whizz's and bang's and sprinkled with gold, but in reality I can only afford around £250.


  Fes 14:47 31 Jul 2003

or would it be better to upgrade my OS to XP?

  Fes 16:29 31 Jul 2003


  barrie_g 19:36 31 Jul 2003

Try looking in your local free ads paper as they often have pc's for around the price you are quoting which will give you more of a boost than upgrading the mobo and graphics card.

Or try your local computer shop they may be able to suggest what will be your best option for what you have available once again you may end up with a new tower unit for the money that you have.

  Fes 09:11 01 Aug 2003

Actually, bit of confusion I think, my budget of £250 was just for the graphics card. I'm stealing bits out of my old PC as well and my entire budget is around £750 for upgrading at this time.

  Muzziad 10:16 01 Aug 2003

have you considered the option of a new machine?

you don't say what spec your current system is but if you could factor in the money you'd get from selling it you may be in the position of being able to buy something new which would be more than capable for your needs. either that or building a new machine from scratch rather than upgrading.

  Fes 11:31 01 Aug 2003

My old one is from Mesh from about 3.5yrs ago and quite good for it's day. The systems I'm interested in are around £1,600 mark, but I can't afford that. I think I shall look into self build and try and get the parts as best I can for the price I can afford and upgrade when and if I can get the money for it.


  maby66 11:55 01 Aug 2003

only thing I can add is that upgrading one item is not always the solution - as you then find the upgraded item may be held back by other parts of your system!

I found this out by upgrading to a Radeon 9700, and then finding that my motherboard was holding the card back.

Perhaps you should look realistically at how much you can afford to spend now/in the next couple of months and make a purchase decision along the lines of mobo now/card next/memory or CPU after.

I am now about to install a new NForce2 mobo, which I expect will significantly increase performance with my existing 2000xp chip and 9700.
After that I will look to more Memory and or a higher spec CPU - thus I'll gradually build up to a higher spec, reasonably future proofed machine with the ability to further upgrade as time goes on.

  Fes 12:10 01 Aug 2003

That's the way I think I'll have to go. Get everything bit by bit till it's up to the spec I would like.

  maby66 14:48 01 Aug 2003

In that case Fes I do suggest a high spec mobo as a first purchase - that way you establish the core of your system for a reasonable period of time.

  Joe McG 20:47 01 Aug 2003


have you had a look at komplett.co.uk?

They do some good deals in the upgrade dep't.

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