Update "I have been ripped off"

  geoff47 00:42 24 Apr 2005

Some of you people were amazed a while ago when I posted a tale of loosing some money by my lack of E commerce savvy.
The owner of the website contacted me via this forum and promised that there had been a problem with her staff and that everything was OK now and the item I had ordered was on its way.

I am here to update the story.....and its not very good.
After an exchange of Emails I was under the impression that my daughters Cap was on its way.The first delay was because they were out of stock....but it was agreed I would await replacements.....then I got an Email saying the package had been returned to source damaged and a replacement would be sent shortly.That was some time ago,and now I cannot get any response from the website or directly through the address given to me at the time....so it seemed too good to be true at the time and it has turned out that way.
No wonder I remain an old cynic.
The previous post for any that are interested....
click here
I wonder if this post will get the same response as the first.....doubt it.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:18 24 Apr 2005

I was amazed that the owner of the site contacted you and I think now that it was a con. Clever but a con nonetheless - seemed amazing that you should have been contaced in such a manner.

  Stuartli 10:59 24 Apr 2005

As Richard Littlejohn would say: "You couldn't make it up".

  geoff47 11:16 24 Apr 2005

I did in fact make contact through the site as far as I can remember.It did seem too good to be true when the first contact was made,but these sort of coincedences do and can happen.
I am of the opinion that it was either someone with an extremely warped sense of humour or that the contact was genuine and the lady has fallen on hard times.....but I am still a little wet behind the ears and a trusting sort of individual.
Anyway I am wiser if not richer.

  alB 18:21 25 Apr 2005

Very dissapointing for you, she did appear to be genuine at the time, just a thought, have you tried to contact her via the forum yellow envelope? (if the postee was indeed legit.) ...alB

  geoff47 20:10 25 Apr 2005

Good Idea alB will do just that this very moment.....but I have that feeling when someone is watching you,and you are uneasy but dont know why.Strange why someone felt the need or satisfaction to play what ever game this sort of palaver may be called....strange people about indeed.

  geoff47 01:24 28 Apr 2005

Did as alB said....nothing....went to site logged in signed up for newsletter and asked for account details.But everything shows as it did when last I visited the site.
"This" pause for comical effect "is a dead Parrot" said in a John Cleese voice.
Think I will call this one a lesson learned

  Barrie_G 18:45 28 Apr 2005

It's a shame, as at the time of the original thread it did seem as though she was wanting to clear everything up:(

  waamo 21:48 28 Apr 2005

Have you tried ringing her?

Her phone number is Lynchburg USA (434)528 1888

  geoff47 23:05 28 Apr 2005

waamo, I know I should know how you know that....but bear with me.How do you know that?

  bremner 08:47 29 Apr 2005

Sam Spade would be my guess click here

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