Unsure which barebones system to go for due to....

  audin 10:27 02 Nov 2010

Morning all,

I'm based in South Yorkshire and i'm currently looking at a choice of two barebones systems, one from CCL in Bradford and one from Novatech in Portsmouth.

My dilemma is whether to go for the one I want but its very far away (Novatech) or the one i'm less keen on but i've got the comfort in knowing i'm not far away if anything goes wrong (CCL).

I'm looking at this Core i5 760 system from Novatech:
click here

And this Quad Core Q8400 system from CCL:
click here=

Another factor is that reviews of CCL seem to be very bad, but this is mainly based around telephone customer services which might not be such a problem seen as I can simply go down there...

So what would you do? Go for the inferior but locally bought system, or the superior but at the other end of the country system?

  Chris the Ancient 11:12 02 Nov 2010

I'd go for Novatech... any time.

If you do a search in this forum, you'll find plenty of praise (plus one or two negatives, to be honest) for them.

I have used Novatech for years and have always found them helpful and co-operative. OK, they're down south, but their support is good.

Having said that, I've no experience of CCL.

Go for the one you really want, otherwise you'll always have a nagging doubt!

  HondaMan 11:42 02 Nov 2010

Of the two companies named, Novatech every time. I have used them for several years and never had a problem. They are knowledgable and courteous and delivery time is excellent.

I have to say the same about MESH. I bought from them in January, and so far not a problem even though I have upgraded the system a couple of times.

  spuds 13:53 02 Nov 2010

Novatech would be my choice as well. Like any company, they do have the occasional hiccup, but my findings is that any problem is soon resolved.

One thing about Novatech, was the fact that I was on their email list for special offers. Don't seem to get any correspondence from them now!.

CCL use to be a very well respected company, but you don't seem to hear about them much nowadays. If they are local to you, then a visit to their place might resolve any doubts.

  961 14:16 02 Nov 2010

Novatech for me as well, not only for their service standards but also because I'd go with the i5

  tigertop2 17:06 02 Nov 2010

go for Novatech. Used them for 4 years and they have never given me any problems. The Core i5 spec is a better one imo

  audin 17:21 02 Nov 2010

Thanks for the replies.

Those of you that have bought from Novatech, have you had systems delivered or have you picked up locally? Have you been within driving distance or are you far away from them like me?

Also should i worry that the make and model of the RAM and motherboard isn't listed or have I missed it?

  citadel 18:05 02 Nov 2010

scan has overclocked bundles with good boards and memory. they are near bolton dont know haw far that is from you.

  spuds 18:06 02 Nov 2010

If you are going for the Novatech, then the two reviews seem very favourable. Their sales team with tell what components are being supplied.

Regarding delivery, I have always found them reliable.

  Strawballs 04:08 03 Nov 2010

I am lucky enough to live close to Novatech's head office in Portsmouth but my son is at university in southbank London and I have bought items for him and put a different delivery address from billing address and we have not had any problems, I also have used their mail order before when feeling lazy.

  wiz-king 12:54 03 Nov 2010

Novatech seem to make good barebones systems. I bought one a couple of weeks ago, it was delivered to a works address rather than my home address with no problems.

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