Unsure of what to buy

  gav223 20:52 13 May 2014


I have been using a Macbook for the last 3 years and installed Win 7 via Bootcamp a few months ago. I don't need to use Windows for anything else, other than a few pieces of software that is incompatible with Mac.

The main issue is that I have to keep restarting to flick between OS. I need a desktop PC.

One of the things is trading software linked to a betting exchange.

I'm unsure of what to buy, but whatever I choose I don't want to be paying a lot.

Can someone give me some advice on what I should be looking for.


  The Kestrel 07:41 15 May 2014

If you know what specifications you need, why not configure your own PC. That way you can control the price to some extent.

My last two PCs have been made by Cougar Extreme to my specifications and I can recommend them.

I have tried to give you a link to Cougar but PCA tells me that I am a spammer and blocked the link, despite the fact I have been a contributor for many years.

  HondaMan 12:33 15 May 2014

You can always use Parallels Desktop.Parallels I have it on a MacBook and it works just fine. You open Windows Applications without the Windows Desktop if you instal;l it that way.

I was sceptical at first, but am about to buy an iMac and will run Win7Pro on it to keep my favourite tools.

  iscanut 19:02 15 May 2014

I too am a spammer for trying to give the URL for Cougar !

  iscanut 19:05 15 May 2014

How about Chillblast, which PCA recommends in its Best Buys click here

  iscanut 19:06 15 May 2014

So PCA allows Chillblast, which it features in it's Best Buys, but NOT Cougar, which it does not feature !

  gav223 14:55 16 May 2014

Thanks for all the replies.

There are a few pieces of software that I use. Trading software for betting exchanges.

I really haven't got a clue what I should be looking for. There are running fine through Win 7 that's on my Mac, so I don't think it needs to be anything special.

I was looking at this pretty cheap offer. click here this pretty decent? I will only be using it for those things. I will continue using the Mac for everything else.



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