Unsafe chargers 'flooding' the UK

  peter99co 20:04 18 Jul 2008

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Hundreds of thousands of unsafe chargers for mobile phones, games consoles and music devices could have made their way into the UK

  spuds 21:31 18 Jul 2008

Its not a case of 'could have', they are already here.

I purchased a couple of these possible chargers last year, for charging some sat-nav units. Both looked fine and did the job, until one unit fell apart as I was unplugging it from the mains supply. Had a child or even an adult not turned off the electric supply, then a possible serious injury or death could have occurred.

I contacted the seller, who was selling these units via the internet and mail-order. The seller hadn't a clue about the laws covering these or any type of electrical goods, so I reported the matter to our local trading. Our local trading standards contacted the trading standards who covered the area of the country, the seller was located.Apparently, an 'advisory' visit was made to the sellers premises.

Would point out that these goods looked genuine, because they had the necessary kitemarks on display!.

  caast©? 23:13 18 Jul 2008

Cost will always be an issue. I wanted a USB charger yesterday I went to Currys digital and found what I wanted £25, no way am I paying that.

I came home went on the internet found the same thing for £1.50 You know what route I went down.

No need to castigate me either it will do what I want it to do, and I am not getting mugged by some corporate fat cat company.

You dont have to look very far to see that in this country we are getting mugged daily by everyone, our Employers, Utilities, Banks, Insurers, Councils, and our wonderful Government to name but a few. I wish I was forty years younger, cos I'd be off.

  peter99co 23:18 18 Jul 2008

I hope the house doesn't burn down!

  spuds 23:46 18 Jul 2008

peter99co-- Have you noticed how many items are now sold in the UK and possibly World Wide, with China or some other cheap labour manufacturing source as the main supplier.Because its got an high street or recognised name, doesn't always mean that it is superior quality.

  Stuartli 00:26 19 Jul 2008

A vast number of products, including those intended for computers and similar equipment, is manufactured in China and Taiwan and, providing it's imported by reputable companies, is of excellent quality.

In fact, around 2006, 67 per cent of all digital cameras manufactured in the world originated from Tainwanese plants; many of them were rebadged by some of the top names in the photographic world.

  laurie53 08:28 19 Jul 2008

Just an additional word of caution to anybody who thinks goods are OK if carrying the CE mark.

You can buy self adhesive sheets of these on line.

  Stuartli 09:30 19 Jul 2008

Our 240 litre black plastic unrecyclable rubbish and green plastic garden waste bins have a CE mark on the lid....

  spuds 12:52 19 Jul 2008

They might also have a secret microchip installed, as well.

Be careful out there:O)

Would mention,the chargers that I purchased looked and seemingly were advertised as the genuine article.
NB: I am still using both items quite satisfactory, after minor safety modifications. Waste not want not perhaps!.

  Stuartli 13:28 19 Jul 2008

>>They might also have a secret microchip installed, as well.>>

They do, as far as I'm aware...:-( When we received them each was listed as having been delivered using a hand-held device; the bar code notices were read, along with an area just under the lid.

By the way, got a pair of the free reading glasses at Tesco this morning (a Daily Mail bonus) and the package included a CE mark...

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