Unlimited Talk (2 lines) & Broadband

  keewaa 22:23 26 Apr 2006

NTL only charge line rental for a second line and include unlimited calls for the second line free.

With these talk talk / plusnet £21 deals, is there a cheap way to get unlimited calls also for a second line .... I was told I would have to buy another complete package for this, which makes NTL still cheaper when 2 lines are needed.

  Stuartli 09:56 27 Apr 2006

You seem to have answered your own question...:-)

  keewaa 10:53 27 Apr 2006

Sort of ... but I was wondering if what I was told was correct, or if anyone knows a cheaper way to get a second line with adsl ISPs.

  pj123 11:36 27 Apr 2006

keewaa, where do I get these unlimited calls for free?

I have two NTL cable phones and, as you say, I only pay £6 per month line rental on the second one. But I have to pay for calls, I am on the 321 tariff. 3p daytime, 2p evenings and 1p weekends and bank holidays.

  keewaa 15:08 27 Apr 2006

You have to have the talk unlimited 24 plan for line 1 ...... then it is included in the second line.

  bemuzed 22:07 27 Apr 2006

BT sell a Fusion service, which is a mobile phone like any oher except when you are home it will make calls over the broadband connection. So it is like a second line in that you can hold two phone coversations simulataneously. You only pay one line rental and need BT as your ISP. As for call rates BT have loads of packages and might have one for all calls - whatever i hear in many cases other providers are not that much cheaper if at all e.g. they charge you for calling them and other tricks. Not tried it but sounds good.

  Stuartli 23:52 27 Apr 2006

You live up to your handle...:-)

  keewaa 12:12 03 May 2006

I suppose an option for a second line with Talk Talk is an Internet telephone service (Skype etc).

Has anyone any experience of them, are the conversations / connections good quality, do they offer cheap uk landline call packages ?

  Stuartli 13:23 03 May 2006

SkypeOut and other services including pricing, including just using Skype for free online to other Skype users, is easily found on its website:

click here

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