Unhelpful tech guys :(

  vonjessen 20:53 09 Feb 2011

i dont like to blow my own trumpet but i am a bit if a techy myself and most things i can repair however hereis my problem my laptop is rather old and the on board speakers stopped producing sound wich realy didnt bother me as i bought a 2.1 system i just plug in the jack and job done however i looked after friends son who jumped on the laptop without permission and plugged the speakers in but actualy plugges in a feed wire for antoher speaker sending about 12 watts to my audio out jack after this i could get no sound what soever even when windows ws convinced my sound was palying but windows would not pick up my device (conexant hid def audio) its simply said high def audio so i rang the number with my whatever happens insurance papers and got put throught to a tech guy and told him what had happened he was convinced there shouldnt be a problem and that i should just reinstall the drivers wich HE MADE ME DO 3 times despite an error message stating the device was not working properly so he said ring back in the morning, did that and they scheduled my laptop for pick up in 6 days time. 1 week passed and i rang them to see if anyone could tell me anything anything as to whats happening with it. i had a woman come on the phone who took all my details and said "ok mr ******* i have your details on screen it takes up to 14 days to recieve your faulty machine 14 days to check 14 days to meake a repair this could be delayed by waiting for replacement parts to arrive then further 14 days for it to get back to me. So i said ok but that sounds like a bit of a long time to have no machine as it is needed for work and so forth. she then said it's not her problem and that she would like to add there are currently five thousand units in for repair and they had staff working extra overtime to get through it all so ring backin about a month its now been 2 weeks and i need my machine back any ideas ?????

  HondaMan 21:11 09 Feb 2011

Some punctuation and capitalisation would help. I gave up trying to read this after the first 3 lines!

  rickf 22:29 09 Feb 2011


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