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  ChrisPan 11:59 11 Aug 2003

I am currently spending more and more time dealing with problems caused by mesh and the PC they have sent me.

I am quite relaxed and have been what I feel is very tolrant up until today when I spoke with the least helpful customer services manager I have ever come across. Not only did she raise her voice, talk over me and hang up on me she refused point blank to make a little effort to help a customer receiving very bad customer service.

It all started 2 weeks ago when my PC was due to arrive. I say due to arrive in fact I took mesh 2 attempts to deliver it to me and even then the time kept on changing without notification.

When I switched the PC on I made a number of very odd high pitch and buzzing noises especially when I moved my mouse. I rang mesh and after a couple of calls I spoke to someone who said that my motherboard or mouse driver may be touching the case and was picking up interferance. I was told to return the PC and they would fix it.

I made the arrangements and then waited for my tags.

The next day whilst using my PC my CD rom drive broke completely and the draw is now stuck half way out and a very important CD is still stuck inside.

At this point I decided this PC has major problems and that I would prefer a new one. I called mesh and was told that I could have a relpacement within 2 days of sending back the box.

I made arrangements and when the tags came it stated on the letter that it could take 2-5 days and that if the parts were no onger in stock someone would call me.

Because I work on this PC and had sold my old one just before I received this one I literally can not afford to be without it for more than 2 days.

So to cover myself I called mesh and asked if they could put the parts aside now and give me a guarantee before I send it back!!

I ended up being reffered to the customer services manager.
She point blank refused to assist and just said that I would have to chance it.
I explained to her that I could not afford to chance it as I need this PC for work.

I then asked why they could not order th parts in advance bearing in mind there are quite clear faults with the PC, they have already agreed to give me a brand new box and I am legally entitled to a new one or a refund.

She refused to give me a reason began raising her voice, talking over me and eventually hung up on me!!! I am still waiting for her to call me back. I tried calling the number she called me from and they said I would have to call customer services and hold forever!!!

I need to know where I stand. I am enclined to send the whole package back to mesh. Am I entitled to a full refund on the packaqe if the box is faulty?
Also is there anywhere else people can recommend where I can get a good quality PC at a reasonable price?
Has anyone else been in a similar situation and how did you resolve it?

All I wanted was to get my PC on time and use it like veryone else but that does not seem to be possible!!

  MESH Response 12:15 11 Aug 2003

Having read your posting, I am sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced.

If you could send your order number to us at [email protected] , we will look into the situation and get back to you regarding a rapid resolution to this.

Regards - MESH Response.

  Djohn 12:23 11 Aug 2003

Well, you can't ask for a quicker response than this! Hope all goes well for you. j.

  ChrisPan 14:57 11 Aug 2003

I am posting this response due to that fact that mesh have since contacted me with regards to the above issue.

Rather than telling me what I can not do the person I spoke with worked with me to resolve the issue and we have arranged for me to return the PC after completion of my current project when I will have a small window to not be tied to my desk and PC.

Although not ideal is does mean that I should have a fully working PC and as long as nothing else goes wrong with this one I should be able to finish my project on time!!!!

Again it just shows what can be done when people start thinking outside the box on issues rather than just turning down flat requests for help!!

  bfoc 17:21 11 Aug 2003

'Again it just shows what can be done when people start thinking outside the box on issues rather than just turning down flat requests for help!! '

That is all a reasonable customer wants. We understand, though may not like, that even the best company will have occasional problems. All we ask is that they show some understanding and flixibility in coming up with a solution that does not make life any more complicated for us. It really isn't that complicated.

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